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New updates an improvements to Ideanote.

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Automations for Comments and Improved Charts
  • Added an option to enforce vertical or horizontal layout of charts
  • Added the ability to bind to parent comments inside dynamic bindings in automations
  • Added template activities for the audit log
  • Improved the layout of Idea cards in Trends
  • Tile widgets have been renamed to 'Inline'
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Updated Share Dialog UI and New Pricing Plans
  • Streamlined our billing as well as new pricing plans for increased customer flexibility and self-service
  • New share dialog design that improves on the layout and adds new functionality, such as custom invitations
  • New design for the help launcher
  • Create activities are now preserved after deletion, and more metadata is associated with them, to improve the audit log
  • Improved the wording of data retention settings
  • Fixed an issue where a user could receive an empty rank
  • Fixed an issue where some filters could crash analytics charts
  • Fixed an issue where setting up certain filters could crash column views
Notifications, Polish and Help Chat
  • Ideanote now supports Polish language
  • The Notification panel has gotten a complete overhaul
  • New Vote view for idea collections: a view focused on liking ideas.
  • Optimised onboarding experience with helpful guides in the sidebar
  • You can now opt in to displaying Idea IDs directly on the cards of ideas inside a view in its layout settings
  • You can now initiate live chat with Ideanote support via the help launcher
  • Moved the ‘Allow remote customer support’ toggle from security settings into the help launcher
  • Long form entries will now be collapsed inside activity feeds
  • Fixed an issue where the load more button on the home page said teams instead of sections.
  • Fixed an issue where our NPS survey could display on top of dialogs.
  • Aligned the styling of min-/max indicators in create/update idea automation actions
Vote View
Collect ideas and see them in a board focused on upvoting to the right.
Real Time Filtering and Teams as Section Owners
  • Real-time filtering: Now, ideas will enter and leave views dynamically depending on whether or not they match the filters, without having to refresh the page.
  • Teams as Section Owners: You can now make a team the owner of a section. This will make every member of the team able to manage the section, as well as the idea collections within it.
  • Improvements to the Zoom Level accessibility option.
  • Fixed an issue with autocomplete inside the add people dialog.
  • Fixed an issue when setting up custom domains or editing the subdomain where it wouldn't work when it ended on a dash.
Export Themes, Custom Notification Settings and Improved Cycle Detection
  • Added import/export theme functionality from Theme settings for easily saving the configuration
  • Users can now customize what kind of notifications they are interested in from Notification settings
  • Fixed an issue that could cause to automations being flagged as cycles when there were many automations with the same trigger configuration
  • Fixed an issue where the active view in an idea collection could be clicked to trigger unsaved view warnings
  • Fixed an issue where the workspace name could be truncated in the sidebar
Data Deletion and Retention
Decide what should happen to ideas and data when a user is deleted. You can choose to delete the data, transfer it or anonymize it.
SCIM Provisioning
SCIM provisioning allows managing user identities in the cloud centrally for the entire organization and is a preferred standard for some larger organizations.
Nested Teams
The Nested Teams functionality enhances the organizational structure within Ideanote by allowing the creation of sub-teams within existing teams. This feature facilitates finer-grained access control and a clearer hierarchical team management system, reflecting complex corporate structures within the Ideanote platform.
Inbox View
Browse incoming ideas like your email inbox, with a box of headlines to the left and a full view of ideas to the right.
Inbox View, Nested Teams, Data Retention and SCIM
  • New Inbox view: A good way to get an overview of new ideas in your idea collections.
  • Nested Teams: You can now create subteams of other teams. This makes it easier for you to match the hierarchy of your organization and to set up access to your idea collections.
  • Complete overhaul of team settings: You can now drag and drop the relative order of teams, as well as drag and drop them in and out of each other to assign/unassign subteams.
  • SCIM Integration: Ideanote now fully supports SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), an open standard that allows for the automation of user provisioning between software systems, such as between your IT-infrastructure and the Ideanote platform. It enables you to create, update, disable, and delete users and teams from within your own system, such as from a Microsoft Entra ID/Azure AD application you’ve set up internally for usage with Ideanote.
  • Data Retention Settings: You can now customize how user-generated content is handled when users are deleted. You can either delete content (the current behavior), preserve it, but dissociate it from the deleted user, or reassign the content to a new user.
  • New Accessibility setting: Zoom level. You can now apply a scaling factor to the overall sizing of text and UI elements on the Ideanote platform to improve legibility.
  • Improved the experience of typing in several text fields that continuously auto-save changes where the user's input would often be lost while typing and replaced by an old response from the server
  • Improved error handling when AI suggestions fail due to unsafe content
  • You can now list ideas via the public API using the friendly ID of idea collections instead of full GUIDs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Random sorting option would sometimes not work.
  • Loosened cycle detection restrictions in automations for improved stability.
  • Added a new Sendgrid integration that enables you to use your own SendGrid token and send emails from your own domain on your workspace.
  • Added a public API endpoint for extracting ideas for an idea collection via Excel.
  • Added a public API endpoint for listing charts for a view, an idea collection, or the entire workspace.
  • Shareable links to idea collections with edit rights now first show edit buttons and other sensitive information after the user fully signs up/in.
  • The invite dialog now closes automatically after submit.
  • General accessibility improvements
  • Improved formatting of long phase names in phase selectors.
  • Improved formatting of long workspace names in the sidebar.
  • Improved the styling of the search button in the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue when setting up conditions on Member fields on form entries inside conditional idea fields and automations
  • Fixed an issue where phases could not be reordered via drag and drop in their vertical representation.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip showing the absolute timestamp of an idea would interfere with the stats card for the idea owner.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the categories of an existing idea collection template wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPS survey could display while another dropdown or tooltip was open.
Advanced Export with Form Entries and Automation Improvements
  • Full timestamps for ideas are now shown inside a tooltip on hover.
  • Reviews, review results and form entries are now included in advanced excel exports for ideas
  • Improved on the structure and consistency of excel exports for ideas.
  • Made the autocomplete dialog inside automations wider so it wraps text less often.
  • Automations scoped to missions can now optionally decide to run their automation actions in other idea collections for some types of actions like ‘New idea’. This enables workflows where incoming ideas can be copied to other idea collections, possibly with modifications.
  • Automations with an idea (or idea-related) trigger can now optionally apply their related automation actions on other ideas. In the past, these were locked to only apply to the idea that triggered them.
  • Autocomplete suggestions pointing to idea fields inside automations now show the title of the field directly as the user is typing, so they can quickly understand which idea field it relates to.
  • Updated the layout of the "Forms" settings page to align with other settings pages.
  • Allowed for ordering by creation date for more types of entities.
  • Fixed an issue where goals could not be deleted if an idea collection template referenced them.
  • Fixed an issue where some members could access People settings without having the necessary rights.
  • Fixed an issue where contents for "Member" idea fields would not show inside List views.
  • Fixed bugs related to ratings inside advanced excel exports for ideas where it could show the same ratings multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic bindings could not be bound to attachment fields inside automation actions.
  • Fixed an issue where autocomplete suggestions inside automations were not always correctly truncated, leading to very long and difficult to read strings.
  • Fixed an issue where the autocomplete suggestions inside automations would incorrectly suggest fields from the target mission when binding to fields on the trigger mission in "Create Idea" and "Update Idea" automation actions.
  • Fixed an issue where the autocomplete suggestions inside automations would not refresh when the user selected a different idea collection.
  • Fixed an issue with applying dynamic bindings to checkmark fields.
  • Fixed the dynamic binding type of options for radio-, image choice, checkmark and dropdown fields such that they appear as "text" instead of "ID".
  • Fixed an issue where the autocomplete suggestions for automations could sometimes show the word "mission" instead of "ideaCollection".
Notification Action
Use our inbuilt automation system to create and send notifications to people. Notifications are listed in the app and sent via email as part of the existing notification system.
Custom User Avatar Styles
Choose between a selection of user avatar profile pictures that are assigned to new users when they are created.
Automated Notifications and User Avatar Styles
  • Added a new automation action that can be used for creating custom notifications for users.
  • Workspaces can now choose between a selection of user avatar styles that will be assigned to new users when they are created.
  • View slugs are now more robust when handling non-ASCII characters.
  • The "Add" button in idea collections is now "Add Idea" instead.
  • Disabled tabs inside workspace settings are now hidden for users who can’t access them.
  • Fixed an issue where some users could not delete their personal idea collection templates.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking "Load more" inside some dialogs would close the surrounding dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPS survey could display in places it shoudn’t.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Motion Intensity and Improved Charts
  • New ‘Accessibility’ settings tab under Account settings.
  • The Browser/OS preferences for Motion Intensity are now respected, and can be customized via Accessibility settings.
  • Added a new security toggle, ‘Allow remote customer support’, that explicitly grants Ideanote support access to a workspace for support cases.
  • Creating a new idea collection template is now substantially faster and more reliable.
  • Activities made by a user can now be exported to Excel from their profile page.
  • Fixed an issue where numeric chart labels would not appear on horizontal charts.
  • Allowed text labels on charts to grow larger for improved visibility on large numbers.
  • The full non-truncated text labels are now always shown on charts inside tooltips shown on hover.
  • Added a new ‘Show Legend’ toggle to many charts that, when enabled, will always show the legend on the charts, even when presented as cards. The legend will continue to be shown when a chart is expanded or in presentation mode.
  • Added headlines to the Template Gallery pages.
  • New Scorecard charts will default to having no background fill color.
  • Funnel charts that group on phase names inside idea collections now respect their relative ordering.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect warning about unused dynamic bindings could appear inside automations
  • Fixed an issue where phases with Hidden Activities could still notify users about activities in those phases, despite their missing access to them.
  • Fixed an issue where moving an idea to another idea collection would appear in the UI as if it was added to all of its phases temporarily.
  • Fixed an issue where drafts would not work on form entries
  • Fixed an issue where the shareable links tab could appear inside the Share dialog even though shareable links were disabled on the Workspace.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling ‘required’ or ‘show title’ on an idea field would discard the users input.
  • Fixed an issue where the dropdown menu of suggestions for @-mentions would sometimes not appear in comment replies.
  • Fixed an issue where some users could see the ‘Export to Excel’ button without having the rights to do so.
  • Fixed an issue where admins was not allowed to export activities to Excel in some cases.
  • Improved the generated filename of activity excel exports for ideas.
More Audit Log Activities, RTL for Emails + Automation Options
  • New ‘Show as Dropdown’ option for Checkmark idea fields
  • Added various new activities to the audit log for criteria, statuses, forms, and login providers
  • URLs in Embed views can now be configured to open in a new tab, instead of being inlined on the page.
  • RTL-support in emails sent via our platform, including custom emails.
  • Optimizations for how Initial Fonts are being loaded
  • Made it possible for automations to use data from the trigger idea inside create idea actions, including for binding it to the owner of the new idea
  • Fixed an issue where a ‘Save View’ button could sometimes be shown to users without editable access to it
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting filters inside a view would not update the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Add’ button inside lists of form entries would be shown to users without the ability to add form entries
  • Fixed an issue where changing the prefix/suffix for a scorecard chart would not update the UI
  • Fixed an issue where activities would not be generated for all default content in a new workspace
  • Fixed an issue where placeholders for ‘Attachments’ idea fields could overlap with the dynamic binding button inside create idea automation actions.
  • Adjusted the width of view notices so it matches the width of the idea collection header
  • Fixed an issue where ordering by the ‘Idea’ column inside Audit log would cause an error.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Idea Collection’ column would be empty inside the audit log for Like activities
  • Fixed an issue where our NPS survey could appear on the login page
  • Better support for dark- and high contrast color modes inside the Trends page
  • Fixed an issue where changing view accesses would not refresh the UI
  • Fixed an issue where required member idea fields that allowed for selecting multiple users could cause validation issues when attempting to submit ideas
  • Fixed various issues related to view layout settings
  • Fixed an issue with setting up custom domains including hyphens
Improved Import and Export
  • Aggregating on numeric idea fields on charts now work correctly
  • Teams are now present inside user excel exports
  • Fixed an issue where overriden datetime preferences were ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where the default ordering direction of ideas inside views were inversed
  • Fixed an issue where slugs for created views could be empty or include non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed various issues related importing ideas via CSV
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements
Analytics 2.0 with Custom Charts
Save time by setting up your own innovation dashboard with completely customizable widgets.
New Help Launcher and Improved Tracking
  • Introduced a new version of our in-app Help Launcher
  • Viewing idea collections from an idea widget now correctly spawns a "viewed idea collection" activity
  • Viewing ideas in column view now loads 10 ideas instead of 5 ideas as default
  • Exporting excel from audit log and people list now respects selected columns
  • Generated AI images now have correct size and aspect ratio depending on the context
  • The Ideanote logo on the login-page now correctly respects dark mode
  • Improved spacing in the "choose member" idea field
  • Fixed problem where the people list wouldn't show the teams column
  • Visual improvements and various bug fixes
Onboarding Improvements
  • Improved the layout of attachments
  • Made parts of the onboarding flow dismissible
  • Fixed the aspect ratio of the mission cover image inside the edit idea collection dialog
  • Fixed an issue where using the keyboard arrows to move the cursor position inside comment action cards in idea details would change to a different idea in the idea collection.
  • Fixed an issue where widgets embedded via custom code would auto-close after a few seconds in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the Unsplash library was not loading.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip onboarding flows were sometimes placed on top of other dialogs.
  • Fixed an issue where custom filters could become malformed or ignore user-provided values.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the sorting direction was not working.
  • Minor UI improvements and fixes
Ensured Updated Translations for 21 Languages
  • Improved translations for all languages. Ideanote now fully supports the following 21 languages: English, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Slovak, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Slovenian, Norwegian.
  • Added support for color mode customization in the widget
  • Resolved a problem where users were unable to unselect any choices after their first selection while setting image choice to a maximum of one choice.
  • Replaced the "label" attribute for idea widget fields with a unified title attribute, simplifying the design.
  • Resolved a formatting error with certain letters that occurred when using the "translate" button on ideas.
  • Fixed an issue with the drop-down list display when selecting a category in the Turning Idea Collection into a Template feature.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'is defined' operator could not be used when filtering on member fields
On-Demand AI Images, New Automation Trigger and Updated Help Center
  • Added new option to generate AI based illustrations right inside Ideanote
  • Added new automation trigger that triggers when the content of an idea has been updated.
  • Added support for Slovene and Norwegian language
  • Added a deeplink option for Microsoft Team App that allows users to correctly copy mission links
  • Improved AI Idea Generation
  • New updated help articles at
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
Tooltip Onboarding and Traditional Chinese
  • Implemented initial tooltips for onboarding to make it easier for new users to navigate the platform.
  • Added Traditional Chinese language support.
  • Microsoft Teams UI now automatically matches the theme for a consistent and enhanced user experience.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Add Idea" button in the side navigation was still visible when the user didn't have permission.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
RTL Arabic
  • Ideanote now fully supports languages with right-to-left layout.
  • We have resolved an issue where users were unable to remove themselves from an idea collection.
  • Duplicated forms fields are now correctly dynamically translated
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements
New Idea Collection View: Embed View
  • We've added a new view for your idea collections: Embed View. With the embed view it's now possible to embed a specific URL directly into the view of your idea collection.
  • It's now possible to assign an entire team in the act phase
  • Added option to select multiple members when setting up a "Select member" form field
  • It's now possible to export ideas created by a specific user from user profile page
  • Fixed problems where activity actions weren't shown when "summaries" were hidden for a given phase
  • It's now possible to choose between more statuses when the last reviewer selects a status in the review phase
  • AI now generates longer content
  • Fixed problem where searching in some dropdown fields wouldn't correctly filter the entries
  • You can now submit multi-line text-fields with CTRL + Enter in the idea widget
  • Fixed flag icons in Custom Translations Variables.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements
Enhanced Section Ownership Control
  • It's now possible to add section owners to sections. Workspace Owners and Admins can add and rearrange Idea Collections created by or shared with them across all Sections. Additionally, any Member you add as a Section Owner can add and manage Idea Collections created by or shared with them for that specific Section. In general, Members see Sections containing Idea Collections that are shared with them.
  • Contextually relevant social link previews will now be shown when sharing an idea collection through a shareable link.
  • Added an exit survey for workspace deletion.
  • Updated Chinese and Vietnamese translations.
  • Magazine view now works for mobile users.
  • Moved icon selection into the edit dialog for sections.
  • Hid advanced settings for widgets.
  • Fixed an issue with the anonymous option missing from the drop-down selection when submitting ideas within the MS Team app.
  • Addressed the internal server error on all idea exports.
  • Fixed the action/filter dropdown to show specific phase icons instead of general phase-type icons.
  • Addressed an issue where user stats wouldn't be shown in all circumstances.
Section Owners
Workspace Owners and Admins can now delegate section-specific responsibilities, enabling selected members to manage idea collections within their designated areas of responsibility. We've refined section visibility rules and streamlined security settings, ensuring clear rights and privileges across all user levels.
Additional Options for Review
  • The Review phase has been redesigned, offering more control over the acceptance or rejection of ideas.
  • Statuses can now be reordered effortlessly using drag'n'drop.
  • Users' email addresses can be updated by adding a new_email column to a CSV and importing it via the Invite people dialog.
  • Deep-linking is now available within the Microsoft Teams Integration.
  • You can now view the Idea ID directly from List Views.
  • Enhanced the performance for AI-generated content, reducing wait times.
  • Increased the number of ideas displayed in the Most Ideas Ideas insight.
  • Fixed an issue where AI-generated images were not displaying correctly.
  • Resolved a bug causing the text Empty to appear during idea submission.
  • Addressed an issue causing incorrect shareable links within the Microsoft Teams integration.
  • Fixed a login issue experienced in the desktop client of the Microsoft Teams integration.
  • The unnecessary sign-up button no longer appears on the login page under certain conditions.
AI Cover Images and Improved Filters
  • Account owners can now schedule workspace deletions.
  • You can now filter ideas inside idea filters based on form entry fields.
  • Cover images for Idea Collections are not AI-generated when using the 'Standard' template.
  • Image attachments on generated AI ideas are now AI generated.
  • Sorting the Teams column is now possible within the Members overview.
  • Number of Comments, Number of Ratings, and Number of Form Entries filters now allow specifying the phase.
  • Idea Collection Access filters now include the option to filter based on user contribution to a specific phase.
  • Improved German translations.
  • Rounding of UI elements has been refined.
  • User experience enhancements to creating new idea fields.
  • Fixed an issue where operators could be ignored on Member idea fields.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect cloning of View Accesses for Templates.
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic bindings referencing idea fields were not replaced correctly inside Templates.
  • When changing the category on an automation action, the accordion menu will now remain open.
  • The simple idea collection filter now displays only relevant sections to the user.
  • Automation triggering based on an idea meeting its Review threshold is now possible.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements for filters and automations.
  • Fixed an issue where rating icons could appear too small.
  • Shareable links from the Microsoft Teams application now deep link into the Teams application.
  • Improved dark and high contrast mode.
  • Cards and toasts now have a more prominent display.
  • Increased the number of automations loaded at a time in automation settings.
  • Hovering over the status chip at the bottom of idea cards now reveals the full status of an idea.
  • When changing the idea status, the existing status is shown inside the dialog if it is of the same kind.
  • User experience improvements to the Add Idea Collection flow.
  • When navigating back from an empty idea collection, users are now prompted to either keep or delete it.
Localized AI and Form Entry Automations
  • AI mission creation process is now localized to support multiple languages.
  • Filter by phase and status is now available while creating conditional fields.
  • When using an idea collection template, the correct view will now be displayed after the creation of an idea collection.
  • A new filter option to sort by the number of form entries has been added.
  • Form entry field data can now be utilized in automation filters.
  • Updated the default workspace statuses for new workspaces.
  • The process of selecting values from dropdowns in idea generation has been made less biased.
  • It is now possible to set up a filter based on whether or not a user has access to an idea collection, and to which degree.
  • Empty translation variables are now handled more gracefully.
  • Resolved an issue where the ampersand character would be incorrectly displayed in emails.
  • Fixed the issue of missing tooltips in phase settings.
  • Addressed an issue where the workspace cover would sometimes be overly compressed.
  • Resolved an issue where cloning an idea collection template from another workspace would sometimes fail.
  • Fixed an issue where, for some users, linked ideas and comment replies would not load properly.
  • Rectified an issue where setting up tabs for Microsoft Teams would sometimes not display the text correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the analytics page would not load in Microsoft Teams.
  • Conducted additional bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance overall user experience.
Import Ideas and Comments
Easily import ideas and comment into Ideanote by uploading a CSV or XLSX. from another source.
Filtering by Form Entry and higher Image Quality
  • Implemented field-based filtering for form entries.
  • Introduced a new setting to define preferred date formatting for workspace, which will be the default for new users, while still allowing individual preference selection.
  • Increased maximum resolution and quality for uploaded images and videos post-encoding.
  • Added a tooltip to the 'Private' label for idea collections.
  • Made UX improvements in the 'Add Idea Collection' flow.
  • Implemented minor UX enhancements in the 'Save View' experience.
  • Added feature to hide 'Add' button in view layout settings for plot views.
  • Optimized display by removing redundant white-space when only the cover image is shown in an idea collection per view layout settings.
  • Fixed an issue causing progress bars to incorrectly display as empty.
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements behind the scenes.
Automation Updates and Arabic Language
  • Added 'Duplicate' option for Automations.
  • Extended the maximum delay for Automation triggers to 12 months.
  • Introduced Arabic (LTR) as a new language option.
  • Added toggle to anonymize IP-addresses collected for Audit Log
  • Private label now features a tooltip with a share button.
  • Adjusted heights on some dialogs for improved user interface.
  • Resolved several issues related to publishing and cloning templates.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicate options would appear in some dropdown menus.
  • Corrected an error causing duplicate rows in Excel exports for some sorting selections.
  • Rectified an issue where some UI labels would disappear.
  • Going forward, when an idea is moved to a Review phase, potential existing reviews for the idea in that phase are reset.
  • Fixed a server error caused by applying a filter on the goal of an idea collection.
Idea collections work best when they are supporting a company goal. Now, each idea collection will work towards one of the workspace goals. Use the standard goals or define your own to keep your innovation goal-driven and measurable.
Idea Collections and Goals
  • Renamed missions to idea collections for a more intuitive onboarding.
  • Completely redesigned flow for creating idea collections.
  • Redesigned inline editing experience for idea collections.
  • Added the ability to associate Goals with idea collections and templates, customizable from workspace settings.
  • Improved workspace creation speed.
  • Introduced a Private badge on idea collection headers indicating unshared collections.
  • Implemented Title Casing on all buttons.
  • Improved aesthetics with better default cover images for idea collections.
  • Added an Add button to the mission filter toolbar on the homepage.
  • Revamped template preview design.
  • Added a new colorful gradient background to some loading skeletons.
  • Enhanced legibility with better contrast between font colors and background colors, for example on buttons.
  • Users can now adjust their preferences for date formatting.
  • Resolved an issue where new workspaces couldn't be claimed if their subdomains included non-ASCII characters only.
  • Fixed an error displaying incorrect text for template stats.
  • Addressed an issue where images in custom emails were served as .webp, which is unsupported in many email clients.
  • Corrected an issue preventing dynamic binding suggestions for idea fields from appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for Unsplash cover images would sometimes fail.
  • Resolved a line height issue for multi-line text fields.
  • AI-generation related errors are now handled more gracefully.
Missions renamed to Idea Collections
In the upcoming days, as part of our effort to make innovation easy to understand, we will rename Missions to Idea Collections. This change aims to make its purpose more intuitive for new customers while maintaining the same functionality. Our help articles will also be updated with the new Idea Collections terminology. We believe that this upcoming update will make Ideanote more intuitive for everyone.
Idea Generation with ChatGPT
  • Introducing ChatGPT-powered AI idea generation.
  • Updated the 'New' button to 'New Idea' for clarity.
  • Resolved an issue with filters not working for undefined idea field values.
  • Fixed a problem with custom translations and dynamic data bindings not displaying correctly in all notifications.
  • Enhanced tooltips with improved contrast: black background and white text.
  • Added the ability to use @-mentions for teams.
  • Rectified missing text in notifications for specific activities.
  • Fixed a problem with automations using "updated idea mission" triggers.
  • Addressed an issue with automations where referencing a user from a "Member" idea field didn't work in certain cases.
  • Resolved a problem where team owners lost permission to create missions in workspaces where the policy previously allowed it.
  • Fixed an issue where workspace descriptions didn't appear on the login page.
  • Moved 'Templates' to a dedicated page accessible via URL.
New Sidebar Design
  • New design for the sidebar
  • New Idea Field: "User" which allows for selecting a user as part of the idea submission form.
  • SCORE idea fields can now be displayed with a color gradient
  • Added email- and alias filtering to custom filters for users.
  • Added "updated idea mission" trigger to automations
  • Added "delete idea" action to automations.
  • Updated design for the mission picker dialog
  • Updated idea link activities to be more compact
  • Fixed an issue with filtering where it would sometimes collapse ANDs into ORs.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Activities" tab in profile settings said "Assignments".
  • Mission template preview images are now refreshed when the mission changes
  • Labels in plot view no longer collapse their padding when it is scrollable
  • All insights are now accessible for all plans
Teams And Sections
  • It is now possible to customize the sections on the homepage without adding or removing teams.
  • Revamped onboarding flow in the Microsoft Teams integration
  • Completely new onboarding flow for creating new workspaces
  • You can now customize which phase ideas will move to when they are accepted from the Review phase
  • You can now configure embedded widgets to use the browser's preferred language.
  • We have removed Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Croatian, Polish as selectable languages from the platform.
  • Multi-line text fields are now taller
  • Needs action filters now correctly handle cases where an idea is only partially evaluated in a Rate phase
  • You can now see average ratings by individual rating criteria in List views
  • Fixed an issue where the list of activity types was empty inside custom filters for activities
  • Fixed an issue where using query params from automation triggers didn't work inside automations
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect dynamic binding suggestions were shown inside automations sometimes
  • Notifications are no longer sent for new likes or status changes on ideas when the idea owner no longer has access to the mission they are placed within
Teams vs. Sections
Previously Teams where both for managing users and the location of missions. Here are the changes: 1) Teams are now only used for managing many users at once. You can give entire Teams access to a mission. 2) Sections let you organize missions on the home page, which has no influence on access. You can have as many or as few Sections as you want.
Updated Automation Naming Scheme
  • Improvements to the presentation and structure of dynamic bindings inside automations for a more user friendly experience
  • Exporting Audit Log data as Excel now show the same data
  • Fixed an issue where translations would not appear inside widget
  • Fixed an issue where you could not filter out users without any team memberships inside the simple filter in missions
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Filter inside missions could not render some filter keys correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the move idea to mission would crash if a filter was set as a query parameter
  • Fixed slow icon pagination
Custom Email Layout
Use a rich editor for customizing the content, look, and structure of custom emails sent via in-app automations.
Widget Performance Improvements
  • API Speed improvements and increased stability.
  • Added support for filtering inside Column views in missions.
  • Made all relevant columns sortable in Audit Log modules.
  • Ideas can now be ordered by their length.
  • Added missing labels for some of the text fields inside SAML settings.
  • Fixed a naming issue when duplicating a form with a standard name.
  • Added better support for dynamic bindings and custom translations inside embedded idea widgets.
  • Fixed an issue where the starting day of the week would be incorrect for some timezones in our calendar widgets, causing legibility issues when picking dates.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
Updated Widget Design
  • Widget settings UI has been redesigned and additional customization options have been added
  • Users list shows Team Owners
  • User can now be filtered by "last active at"
  • Updated billing settings page
  • It is now possible to link to specific settings tabs
  • Duplication of forms is now possible
  • Ideas older than 30 days now show absolute date
  • Absolute idea date of idea creation is now visible on hover on the relative date
  • Fixed XLSX export limits
  • Added more tooltips for ease of use
  • Small bugfixes and UI improvements
Plot View
Easily see top performing ideas with a customizable XY scatter chart. Customize any axis, size and color to analyze many ideas at once.
Simple and Advanced Excel Export
  • Added a "simple" idea excel export that only includes essential columns.
    Added more information to audit log to make it easier to read.It's now possible to see failed/succeeded email activities in audit log. Use this feature to understand if emails are blocked by your intranet and why.
  • Smaller bug fixes and improvements to settings and tooltips
Improved Workspace Settings
  • Improved layout of workspace settings
  • Name and timestamp is now displayed within linked idea summaries
  • Resolved an issue where dropdowns were not functioning properly in the Firefox browser
  • Improved dark mode support for the date picker for a better user experience
  • Moved label and helper text above input fields to make the UI more clear
  • Activities are now displayed with friendly IDs and improved text descriptions for easier understanding
  • Additional activities have been added to the audit log for a more comprehensive overview of system usage
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not receiving email notifications
  • The AI autofill button is now hidden when editing ideas to prevent confusion
  • "Rating results" and "finished raters" coloums have been added back to the Excel export for improved data visualization
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
Better Search in Dropdowns
  • Added better search and highlight in dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue where using a new version of a browser would show up as a new session in the session overview
  • The update idea content activities now show up correctly on the platform
  • Extended the widget with more advanced features
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a date range would be shown in a wrong format
  • Added theme color changes when installing the web app
  • The world map in insights is now more stable
Install App Button
  • It is now possible to search in some dropdown fields
  • Added an install app button in the sidebar
  • Updated icons for the default evaluation criteria
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to occasionally experience slow responses from the server.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting time range in exports would not work on the insights page
  • Added support for wider widget embeds
  • The layout has been improved when no data is available for the insight graphs showing a map
  • When opening a summary on an idea it now prioritises opening in a way that does not hide the content of the idea
  • Fixed an issue where insights would sometimes show that a feature was not available even though it was
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
Custom Translation
Define custom translation keys for cross-language projects. Use them in mission title, idea fields or any other parts of the platform.
Dynamic Content
Use dynamic content in idea fields, mission descriptions and more. For example, the number of ideas of a mission or content from a previous idea field during idea submission.
Custom Translations, Dynamic Data Bindings, Dark Mode and More
  • Custom translations: You can now customize the language of Ideanote to better fit your organization's needs.
  • Dynamic data bindings: Ideanote now supports dynamic data bindings, allowing for even more customization and flexibility.
  • Dark mode and high contrast mode: You can now choose to view Ideanote in either dark or high contrast mode, depending on your preference.
  • Improved stability and performance: We've redesigned the internal architecture of Ideanote to improve stability and performance.
  • Sustainability option: You can now select sustainability as a mission purpose when creating an AI mission in Ideanote.
  • Redesigned account settings: We've updated the design of the account settings page to make it easier to use.
  • More missions on the home page: We've increased the number of missions displayed on the home page to give you more options.
  • Export activities from ideas: You can now export activities from your ideas list to share with others.
  • Increased status description length: The maximum length of status descriptions has been increased to allow for more detailed updates.
  • Improved performance in magazine view: We've reduced the number of ideas initially loaded in the magazine view to improve performance.
  • Simplified onboarding experience: We've reduced the number of fonts available during onboarding to make the experience more streamlined.
  • Improved layout for invited users: The layout for displaying users invited via CSV file has been improved for better readability.
  • "Shift + Enter" submission for comments: You can now submit comments by pressing "shift" + "enter" for a more seamless experience.
  • Timer-based launch option for widget: The widget now includes a timer-based launch option.
  • Wide widget embeds: You can now create wide widget embeds for a more customized experience.
  • Email column in idea exports: The idea export now includes a column for emails that have skipped rating.
  • Improved layout for location graph: When there is not enough data to display the location graph, the layout has been updated for a better experience.
  • Fixes: We've addressed several issues, including an issue with the "less than or equal" custom filter operator, an issue with the Microsoft login, and an issue with avatar spacing in the activity feed.
  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes: As always, we've made various performance improvements and addressed minor bugs to improve your experience with Ideanote.

Thank you for using Ideanote and we hope you have a great holiday season. We look forward to bringing you even more exciting updates in 2023 – stay tuned!

Better Cover Images
  • Cover images for the workspace and missions now look better across a greater variety of screen sizes and screen resolutions by making sure the aspect-ratio is always the same.
Hide Summaries for Phases

  • Added form entries trigger to Zapier and automations
  • Added activity count to phase summary dropdown in idea details
  • Improved performance by checking for taggable people less frequently
  • When using company information auto fill, the description is now always translated to English
  • Fixed an issue where the generate AI ideas button would sometimes generate ideas that looked too much alike
  • Entering text into a search field is no longer saved in the view filter
  • It is now possible to hide the sorting dropdown in the magazine view  
  • The wording in the consent language has been made more clear
  • Fixed an issue where sorting by text would sort some special characters wrong
  • When pressing the escape button the sidebar window now closes
  • When showing the “save view” toast, the color has been updated and the toast stays for longer
  • Fixed an issue where sort by average rating would sometimes not sort correctly when having many rating phases
  • A warning prompt without a textfield is shown when deleting ideas and phases, except when doing it through bulk actions
  • Fixed an issue in teams where some buttons in darkmode were too dark
  • Fixed an issue where the layout button would open the wrong view after renaming a view
  • An install PWA button has been added to the help menu
  • A rating column has been added to idea export
  • Text search support has been added to the audit log
  • Fixed an issue in the AI widget where the generating more button would replace the ideas instead of adding them
  • A rename dialog has been added to make it possible to rename API tokens
  • Fixed an issue where opening an idea through a link would sometimes close it quickly afterwards
  • The translation files has been made smaller to make the load speed of the app quicker
  • When editing a phase it is now possible to hide the summary button and customise and CTAs
  • Fixed an issue where the mission deadline sometimes would be formatted wrong when editing it
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Session Overview, Antivirus Scanning and Speedier Idea Exports
  • It is now possible to view which devices you are logged into
  • Added antivirus scanning when uploading files
  • Pagination has been added to idea details when clicking on an idea in a list
  • Speeded up idea exports
  • Dynamic bindings are now supported in the trigger conditions of automations
  • Added a “move idea to mission” action for automations
  • Fixed an issue where the “draft reused” toast would come up when creating an idea
  • Fixed an issue where a user would be converted to an external user when signing up from a widget link where the member setting was on
  • Notifications for ideas in hidden phases are no longer sent to the owners of the ideas
  • Added customisable CTAs for all phase kinds
  • Fixed an issue where the share mission sheet would close when clicking “load more”
New Automations
  • Added explanation to all datatypes when setting up automations
  • Added create idea automation actions
  • Added change idea status automation actions
  • Improved experience when using dynamic bindings inside automations and added support for using idea content
  • It is now possible to sort missions by the amount of ideas in a mission
  • Changed ordering of idea options when clicking the “…” button
  • Added right and left arrows to list views to make scrolling horizontally easier
  • Updated some old icons to match the new ones
  • Removed some weird characters in the delete mission warning
  • New lines in lists are now collapsed in list to assure a unified row height
  • When deleting idea fields we now show a warning message
  • Changed background color of the magazine view to have less color
  • Fixed an issue where feature limit walls would sometimes not show
  • Fixed an issue where some media items was not loaded before printing in magazine view
  • Fixed an issue where when clicking “reset password” the user would be logged out from existing sessions
  • Terms are now shown earlier during SSO signup
  • Added support for setting bio through SAML
  • Fixed an issue where field options dropdowns would not close when opening another dropdown
  • The cluster view can now be resized without the circles getting deformed
  • The icon in view notices is now aligned to the top instead of the center
  • Added bio when hovering over user images
  • Minor bug fixed and UI improvements
Magazine View

Use the Magazine view to create an interactive booklet of a selection of your ideas. Even better, you can download it as a PDF for easy sharing.

Accepted Terms Date
  • In the user management list it is now possible to see what date the terms were accepted
  • It is now possible to be logged in on multiple devices at the same time
  • Added “rank” claim to SAML SSO
  • Users are no longer logged out when restting password
  • It is now possible to select Unsplash images again
  • A terms dialog is now always shown before Ideanote loads in the Microsoft Teams app the first time
  • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to drag and drop missions across teams
  • Fixed an issue where the title in the idea list view could show as a wrong title if having editing in the idea form
  • Multiline text fields now renders long values in the correct height 
  • Fixed an issue where if deleting a team other teams would appear empty until reload
  • Added a quick filter for selecting idea or mission status
  • Fixed an issue where the list of idea fields in some rare cases could be empty when creating an idea
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Improved Bulk Actions
  • When exporting ideas from a list view the exported columns now match the ones selected in the view
  • Fixed an issue where the filters would sometimes not work as intended when switching between views in a mission
  • It is now possible to select all ideas in a mission by clicking one checkbox in the list view
  • The audit log has been extended with more filters
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to change the profile picture when the freeze profiles setting was activated
  • Improved error messages when using access links that has been deactivated
  • Bulk actions has been improved in lists, it is for example now possible to stop bulk actions while they are happening
  • More image filetypes are now supported

New Score Form Field
  • Added new form field for selecting a score
  • Added ability to select a min and max length for short text, long text and image choice form fields
  • Fixed an issue where one session activity would appear as multiple different ones
  • Fixed an issue where the media picker would show a wrong option title
  • When reaching the AI limit on the free plan we now show an error message
  • It is now possible to order ideas by idea fields in the list view
  • Fixed an issue where infinite loading would sometimes load too many ideas at a time
  • Clicking on an idea in the widget now opens the same idea on the platform
  • Minor UI and performance enhancements
Audit Log

Enterprise customers now have access to a centralized stream of all user activity. Control, monitor and stay compliant.


Now you can save time while managing ideas by building custom automations right inside the app. Add triggers, conditions and an action and automate everything from simple tasks like moving ideas after 7 days to complex multi-step workflows for your innovation.

Idea Stats and "Can Edit" Filter
  • Added a new stats dialog on ideas
  • Fixed an issue where it was sometimes not possible to change cover image on a workspace
  • Fixed an issue where visible columns would sometimes not be saved to the view
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to upload custom images for the sign in buttons
  • Changed wording on the skip button on rating cards
  • Fixed an issue where the customizable “Thank you” page would sometimes show up to early in the widget
  • Fixed an issue where reloading a mission would sometimes show the wrong view after reloading
  • Added a new “can edit mission” filter
  • It is now possible to upload .TIF files
  • UI and performance enhancements
Better Insights Performance
  • Fixed performance issues related to the likes chart in insights
  • Fixed an issue where selecting ideas on the analyse page would sometimes not clear the existing selection
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a @mention in the columns view would not work properly
  • Minor UI improvements

Default Status and Skipped Ratings
  • Added the ability to select a default status
  • Improved layout when creating a new mission
  • Improved widget load speed
  • Changed the accessibility icons in widget to text
  • The mandatory asterisk is now shown in the widget
  • The colors have been changed in the activity chart to match the workspace
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip would sometimes be behind dropdown
  • A decline button has been added to rate actions
  • The layout in share mission has been made more clear
  • Fixed an issue where adding a filter to the missions page would show an empty banner at the bottom
  • Fixed load more button in widget sometimes not loading all data
  • Added routes to mission details so it is possible to navigate using relative links in missions
  • Added activity count to profile page
  • Layout improvements
  • Various performance improvements and bugfixes
Link Preview

Some types of links pasted in text and description fields (e.g. Youtube) are automatically displayed as preview for a more visual idea submission experience.

Image Gallery

You can now organize your own branded content gallery for cover images.

Update via CSV and Bold Titles
  • When a new feature is available we now show a feature preview dialog
  • When a new update is available we now show a changelog indicator in the help launcher
  • It is now possible to update existing users through CSV import
  • It is now possible to load more results when sharing a mission
  • Fixed an issue where using a community mission template would show an empty dropdown when editing the mission
  • Fixed an issue where translation keys in some cases would be visible
  • Changed icons for attachment fields
  • The amount of forms has been added to the form summary on ideas
  • Auto focus has been added to various dialogs and form fields
  • Added a summary page after importing people with CSV
  • Changed the font weight of titles
  • Removed preview button from the template successfully published dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the API somethings would take longer to respond on requests without authorization
  • Added category selector to missions
  • Added idea status changed notifications
  • When a user is disabled the popover is now visible when hovering over the avatar
  • A better error message has been added when the user tries to sign up with an email that is not allowed
  • The delete button has been moved to the bottom of bulk actions and colored red
  • Added various language improvements
  • Fixed various UX issues and smaller bugs
Form Entries

You can now add a phase where people are asked to fill out additional forms. A great way to expand ideas as they move forward, for example with a Business Case.

File Picker

An updated file picker now makes it easier to choose cover and profile images.

Profile Activity, Average Rating and Comment Count
  • Redesigned the help menu and added more useful information
  • Added support for custom id for SAML
  • When clicking the share mission text field, the suggestions now show up before entering anything
  • Fixed an issue where the empty message would sometimes be shown the first time the user went to the workspace
  • A default title is no longer suggested when turning a local idea template into a workspace idea template
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the help button on an input would trigger the action instead
  • Renamed grow phase to comment phase
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new workspace through the teams integration would sometimes not log in the user afterwards
  • Made it possible to change the cover image on the mission details page through inline editing
  • Fixed an issue where attachments added by the AI would show up wrong
  • Fixed an issue where the template stats would sometimes show a wrong number
  • It is now possible for new users to sign up without needed to be invited if they have a correct email address. This can be set up on the security page by a user with the owner rank.
  • Made it more clear what is being imported when importing CSV files with users
  • Fixed an issue where users in some rare cases would automatically be logged out after logging in
  • Added activity feed to the profile page
  • The name of the status is now shown on the change status activity
  • Fixed an issue where having many forms would make it hard to scroll when they overflowed the list
  • It is now possible to change the placeholder in local forms
  • When clicking manage workspace forms from the edit mission dialog the dialog now closes
  • Added alias to CSV import
  • Removed phase colors from the phase column in list view
  • Removed handwriting fonts from the appearance page
  • Removed URL from the login screen
  • Comment reply count has been added to idea exports
  • Added info button to covers on how to format them correctly
  • Added average rating to the columns list
  • Fixed a typo in our API documentation
  • Fixed various UX issues and smaller bugs
Changed Rating Calculation and AI Training Data
  • Fixed the way total average rating is calculated on idea cards with multiple rate phases.
  • Added "Train AI" dialog that is shown when the AI needs more information about your company in order to generate quality AI suggestions.
  • Improved the design of toasts
  • Newly created missions will now automatically have a relevant cover image found by extracting keywords from the mission question.
  • "Go to mission" is no longer shown on ideas when you are already looking at the mission
  • Retrained AI to improve accuracy and performance
  • Ideanote now work in browsers with very strict cookie policy
  • Moved mission creation settings from workspace settings to security
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Image Choice Field

You can now define an idea field that lets people choose between a set of images.

Stats for the Many
  • It is now possible to create idea templates within missions
  • It is now possible to choose the archive reason when reviewing in the review phase
  • Custom phase icons are now shown in even more places
  • An option to view mission template statistics for your own mission templates has been added to the mission template cards
  • An overlay is now shown when trying to enlarge attachments
  • When rating an idea it is now more clear that the action has finished
  • All emails now use HTTPS links instead of HTTP links
  • New missions will now get a new default cover image
  • Fixed a rare case where validating payment card information using 2FA would sometimes fail unexpectedly
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements
Easier Mission Editing
  • It is now possible for all paying customers to create community templates
  • The UI of creating a new mission has been simplified
  • The edit mission flow has been improved
  • It is now possible to create missions using AI
  • Filters as now shown visually different with an outline when they are active
  • Adding new phases is now much more simpler through a dropdown
  • It is possible to set session timeout in on the workspace security page
  • Phases now have new colorful default icons
  • When rating an idea it is now possible to skip ratings
  • Mission editors can now edit missions inline
  • New emojis has been added to the openmoji iconset
  • It is now possible to sort missions and ideas based on the amount of views
  • It is possible to end a mission in the advanced tab when editing a mission
  • Fixed an issue in onboarding that made it hard to edit the subdomain
  • Many languages has been updated
  • When previewing a template it is now much more clear that it is a template
  • Fixed an issue where the "see more" button when editing the plan
  • Loading ratings is now more speedy than ever
  • Fixed an issue where the icon picker would sometimes not show
  • When creating new mission templates that chip list no longer shows as an error
  • Fixed an issue where setting the anonymity mode would reset the anonymity degree
  • Fixed an issue where drag and drop on the missions page would not work as intended when collapsing the teams
  • Fixed an issue where the filter sometimes would show with a red outline
  • Fixed an issue when navigating between the list view and other views would show as having unsaved changes
  • Added a warning when trying to publish a community mission template
  • Fixed an issue where the phase kind filter would not work in some cases
  • The media upload message has been removed when the image is small
  • Fixed an issue where the load more would disappear in home after searching
  • It is now possible to also link to replies
  • When selecting random sort the sorting option is now always shown as active after reloading
  • We now allow all valid characters in email addresses
  • The phase colors are now only used on the action card
  • Fixed an issue where load more in mission details would sometimes load too much
  • Added better column wrapping in the teams columns in people settings
  • Our create mission AI has been upgraded
  • The mission template preview screenshot is now properly shown without an edit button
  • Minutes in insights has been capped to two digits
  • Minor UI and performance improvements
Conditional Fields

Now you can define when an idea field should show via conditional filters.

New Icons and AI Credits
  • Custom phase icons has been updated everywhere
  • The phase color has been removed from the share access selector to reflect the new icons
  • Fixed an issue with endless scroll that would sometimes load more data before reaching the bottom
  • Improved various translations
  • Columns for teams, ideas count and missions count has been added as columns to the people settings page
  • It is now possible to add and remove members to and from teams in people settings through the menu button and bulk actions
  • It is now more clear in the billing page that more AI suggestions require a paid plan
  • The sizes of the bubbles in the "Activity by Time of Day" chart to better reflect the values
  • The count charts now load twice the amount of data
  • The mission cards on the missions page are now slighter higher
  • Fixed an issue where the sign in pop would now appear on Safari in some cases
  • When adding ?sandbox to a mission URL is now not possible to leave the mission context
  • The profile page has been updated with a tab that shows the ideas the user has liked
  • When reloading a theme the selection is now shown as the correct one
  • Various help articles has been updated with photos of the new layout
  • The list view column now caps text correctly with "…"
  • The settings menu now collapses on mobile to make more room for the content
  • Fixed an issue where the filter changed test would now stop showing when setting some specific filters
  • Fixed an issue where emails would look strange in Outlook 365
  • Added a loading animation when using AI
  • When clicking a mission above an idea the user is now navigated to the mission instantly
  • Fixed an issue where mission views would not update properly when navigating backwards
  • The dropdown fields can now be properly disabled
  • Improved the layout when the widget is not set up properly
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes was not possible to move an idea to another mission
  • All banners has been removed
  • Various UI and performance improvements
Mission Templates

You can now choose from community mission templates and publish your own templates to get your idea collections started faster.

Icon Picker

Added ability to select custom icons for phases and more.

Notices for Views
  • It is now possible to add a notice to each view in missions
  • Updated layout on profile page
  • We have updated our documentation for our open API. It can be found here.
  • When adding ?sandbox to the url of a mission, it is no longer possible to navigate away from the mission. This can be useful for embeds.
  • The locale is now respected when selecting a date
  • When logging in with Microsoft the user is now always able to select the account
  • Updated some of our emails
  • Updated our Microsoft Teams integration
  • All Ideanote generated data is now translated properly when changing user language
  • Various quality of life improvements
OAuth and OpenID Connect Authentication

You can now use more login providers like Github via OpenID Connect and 0Auth.

Better Printing and Emails
  • Insights tabs are now translated to the user language instead of the workspace language
  • All columns are now sortable in the list view of ideas
  • The selected filter is now properly applied when exporting teams
  • Changed wording on the save button in all dialogs
  • A large part of our infrastructure has been upgraded to make our webapp even faster than before
  • Fixed issue where the status selector would appear with a wrong height on smaller screens
  • Avatars now have a transparent background
  • Added fair usage checks on trial and free workspaces
  • Fixed scroll problems when printing the webapp
  • Improved layout when a mission doesn't have any views
  • Fixed issue where AI-generated ideas would sometimes have a space character in the beginning of the idea
  • Fixed an issue where SAML login would not work in some specific browsers
  • Fixed an issue where people logging in with Google would sometimes not have a profile picture
  • The highlight color is now respected on the custom domain page
  • Admins are now allowed to see redeemed offers
  • Fixed an issue where the create mission button would now be shown in the app bar if not arriving from the home page
  • All emails have been redesigned - we hope you like them!
  • All user generated content is now properly sanitised in emails
  • UI and performance improvements
Autofill Ideas and better Status Dialog
  • It is now possible to autofill ideas using our AI
  • Onboarding is now more reliant when filling in data automatically
  • When closing a reply a warning dialog is shown before data is discarded
  • Custom domains are now sanitized for trailing whitespace and leading www
  • An empty state is now shown on the home page when there are no teams or spaces to show
  • The status selector has been redesigned to improve the experience
  • It is now possible to customise your alias
  • Profile settings has been updated with a validation check when changing email
  • It is now possible to add many of the same filters using the custom filter feature
  • Data synchronisation across clients (eg. multiple tabs and browsers) has been improved
  • The activity that notifies when another person has liked an idea is now added without delays
  • When moving an idea to another mission the idea count is now locally updated correctly
  • When listing taggable users the data is now ordered by alias and full name
  • It is now possible to paginate in taggable users
  • Moving ideas to another mission now makes sure comments are also moved
  • The same CTA text is now used in notification emails for more consistency
  • Customer address has been added on invoices
  • Session activities are now counted correctly
  • Uploading IDP metadata now works as intended
  • A new graph with total visits has been added
Faster Idea Submission
  • Improved loading experience when submitting ideas
  • The settings tab now appears on mobile layout
  • Minor improvements to the share flow
  • Fixed issue where many attachments in comments would make the layout too wide
  • Reduced margin in navigation sidebar
  • Fixed an issue in widget where slider labels would not be rendered correctly
  • Email addresses are now automatically updated when signing in through SAML
  • During the trial new rewards can be achieved by reaching a certain amount of active members
  • Various quality of life improvements
Microsoft Teams App

You can now collect and manage ideas right within Microsoft Teams.

Easier Sharing
  • Redesigned the share mission experience
  • Fixed an issue where the view changed warning in some cases would not save the "do not show again" option
  • It is now possible to sort ideas randomly
  • A column per rating phase with the average weighted rating has been added to the excel export
  • Fixed an issue where the workspace missions would sometimes not load properly on the home page
  • Increased the amount of characters it is possible to write in the phase description
  • Added better error handling to onboarding
  • Fixed an issue where a space in the mission title would case the delete mission warning to not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker would not work properly for some regions
  • Fixed minor issues and made some performance improvements
Microsoft Login
  • Creating ideas is now faster and more stable
  • Fixed an issue where logging out of an user and into another on the same workspace without reloading wouldn't clear all run-time cache
  • Changed wording when the user tries to see a mission that doesn't exists
  • The description on the default template is no longer required
  • Magic links and locked profiles has been moved to the security setting
  • Fixed issue where another person submitting an idea in the same mission sometimes would cause the create idea spinner to spin
  • Fixed issue on onboarding where allowed domains would get https:// and www.
  • Added Microsoft login option to onboarding
  • Fixed issue where digests in the list view would show too many decimals
  • Fixed issue with wrong layout on sorting dropdown
  • Fixed minor bugs and made some performance improvements
Status in List View
  • A new column has been added to the list view with the title of the status
  • Two new columns has been added to the excel export with information about comments and rating
  • As default only short text is shown when creating a new column view
  • Non-restricted phase actions are now only shown in subsequent phases
  • One-click Microsoft login provider has been added to security settings
  • Fixed issue where long mission titles would push the layout on smaller screens
  • Fixed issue where long mission questions would be longer than the size of the mission card
  • Filters are now saved locally on the home page
  • The AI suggest buttons are now only shown to people with editing rights
  • When sharing a mission with someone the default access level is now idea creator
  • Fixed minor bugs and made some performance improvements
Collapsible Teams and Team Shareable Links
  • The suggest AI idea button is now only shown to people who have edit access to the mission
  • The new default access when inviting to a mission is now only idea creator
  • Hidden columns in the list view is now saved properly after reload
  • Checkboxes are now hidden in the list view for people who doesn't have edit access to the mission
  • The onboarding flow has been updated with mobile layout improvements
  • When using a multiuser link to a team the user that creates an account now automatically becomes a member of that team
  • Fixed issue where editing an idea would only let the user fill out the fields that had already been interacted with
  • It is now possible to disable sending out access links in emails (eg. If the workspace only wants to use SSO)
  • Teams are now collapsible on the home page
  • Comment names now shows the full names
  • It is now possible to sort on more columns in the list view
  • Using the view layout settings it is now possible to show a single column list instead of a masonry view
AI Generate Ideas

You can now generate ideas for your idea collection with the help of an AI.

Better Hidden Teams
  • Teams are now hidden for Members when no action can be performed.
  • List View now saves active Columns, Filter and Sort
Drag & Drop Home Screen

Added Drag & Drop on the Home Screen so you can reorder teams and missions within teams.

Domain Allowlist and more Branding
  • Added Domain Allowlist so you can decide which emails are allowed to sign up for an account based on their email domain, for example
  • Insights charts now respect the Custom Branding colors you have set.
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Status dialog sometimes was left in a state where it could not be submitted.
  • Trial duration has been extended to 7 days.
Custom View Layout

Added new feature allowing you to customize exactly what content you want to see in a mission view.

Custom Idea Field Filtering
  • Fixed issue where it was sometimes not possible to delete space providers in security settings.
  • It is now possible to create a custom filter in missions that filter across all idea templates used in the mission
  • When editing an idea that was moved to a new mission, the correct template is now shown
  • Add new Fluent theme in theme settings
  • Fixed an issue where all teams were sometimes not loaded correctly in the idea overview
  • Added support for asynchronous exports
  • Added create idea automation to Microsoft Power Automate
  • Added new security measures
  • Fixed various bugs and made performance improvements
Better Idea Export
  • The UI has been improved when exporting ideas, missions and insights
  • Only teams with ideas in the mission are now shown in the filter dropdown
  • Fixed issue that would sometimes make custom code not able to save
  • When going to a mission that doesn't exist anymore the error is now more descriptive
  • Added date fields and code fields to idea templates
  • Missions that are closed are now visually different
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
Endless Scroll
  • Added endless scrolling to relevant views for a more seamless experience when wanting to see more content
  • Added blue/green deployment strategy for smoother deployments
  • Changed wording when inviting people without sending emails
  • Added download icons to places where content can be downloaded
  • Added IP-lock feature to authentication providers to provide an extra layer of security
  • Added prompt when deleting missions
  • Fixed issue in people settings when toggling select all
  • Fixed text related issues and translated two missing translations
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
Clearer Feed
  • Update activities in idea list to reflect new activity layout
  • The "needs action" filter in missions is now based on the logged in user instead of the one who set the filter up
  • Update idea mission activities are now more stable
  • The activity count in ideas now properly updates when adding new activities
  • Fixed issue where mission anonymity options sometimes wouldn't show when editing missions
  • Updated the move to mission dialog to include filters
  • Increased queue time for activities to allow for a smoother experience with high server load
  • Disabled users now visually change in the list of users to make it easier to see at a glance who is disabled
  • Increased the speed of which activities arrives to work without a web socket connection
  • Made UI in feed more clear
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes affect the average rating filter
  • Added max width to the comment summary dropdown
  • Fixed issue where the team selector in the invitation dialog would sometimes not spawn at the correct location
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Added teams a filter section in the mission details filter
  • Personal message is now a limit that requires a paid subscription
  • Fixed minors bugs and made performance improvements
Microsoft Power Automate

Build innovation automation workflows with Microsoft Power Automate

Better Idea Activity Feed
  • Added new activity feed in idea details
  • Added new phase summaries on idea cards
  • Added new phase selector
  • Added new people settings layout
  • Added new delete user warning prompt
  • Added new teams page
  • Added new add team dialog
  • The add phase button is now only shown if the user has edit access to the mission
  • Fixed issue where web socket would close after 2 minutes
  • Added new custom authentication provider
  • More activities are now sent through the web sockets
  • Added ability to reply to updates
  • Added loading spinner when changing phase and status
  • Updated translations
  • Made the files that are required for running the platform smaller
  • Improved activity feed
  • Fixed various filter related bugs
  • Buttons are now shown as loading during navigation
  • Fixed issue where the same name would appear twice in the assign sheet
  • Fixed issue where analytics in rare cases would count users twice
  • Added counts that reflects the relevant filters
  • AppCues is now only loaded for the first owner in workspaces
  • Added GraphQL to more endpoints
  • Fixed issue where deadline dropdown would not respect the theme of the workspace
  • Added payment wall on insights if the workspace isn't allowed to use insights
  • Fixed UI issue that would occur when editing view access in missions with many phases
  • Fixed issue where added many custom filters would show dropdown at the wrong location
  • Fixed minor bugs and improved performance
Filter and Pagination Fixes
  • When loading more ideas we now load 10 ideas instead of 5 ideas
  • The sidebar has been updated with new icons
  • Teams in home are now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed issue where filters would only show a maximum of 10 teams
  • Various bug fixed and performance improvements
Team Pagination and CDN
  • Teams now paginate in settings and the mission overview to allow for an unlimited amount of teams
  • Added a toast notifying users about scheduled maintenance in advance
  • During scheduled maintenance we now show a page that describes what changes we are making and when we expect to be done
  • Fixed alignment of custom dropdown fields in idea templates
  • Static resources are now served through a CDN to increase load speed
  • Fixed issue where changing cover image in branding sometimes would reset the title
  • Added more automatic OWASP security policies
  • Stability and speed improvements to our API
  • Fixed issue where change rank for some languages would be blank
  • Fixed issue where change anonymity mode for some languages would be blank
  • When opening a linked idea you should no longer see to dialogs with the same idea
  • The reorder phase button in columns view now works as expected
  • Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements
Optimizations for People on Slow Internet
  • When going to a new page with a bad internet connection, the page only scrolls to the top after the new page has loaded
  • Added vertical scroll to mission view selector when having many views
  • Having a flaky internet connection would sometimes cause loading ideas to stall - this issue has potentially been fixed in this release - our development team will continue to monitor this issue
  • Fixed an issue where rate and act activities sometimes wouldn't show before reloading the page
  • Fixed an issue where anonymous ideas could cause the count of ideas to be wrong
  • Loading users is now faster than ever
  • Bug fixes, speed improvements and various quality of life improvements
Google Cloud Armor and auto-archive Rejected Ideas
  • Links in idea now properly support all queries
  • Ideas a now archived if the reach the reject threshold in the review phase
  • Widget links are now generated with 10 hash characters
  • Long toast messages now breaks line properly
  • Fixed issue where translation keys sometimes would show if the connection was poor
  • Fixed issue where cluster chart would reload when selecting an idea
  • Fixed issue where dates couldn't be selected in Safari
  • Added clickable arrows for horizontal scroll in column view
  • Speed performance improvements when loading teams
  • Fixed issue where JWT token wouldn't show properly when trying to edit it
  • Long names for rating criteria now breaks properly
  • Emails now show up in the share mission dialog for admins and workspace owners
  • It is now possible to disable sign in methods in the access page
  • Added Google Cloud Armor for better DDOS protection
  • The time is now visible in the mission deadline before editing
  • Bugfixes and quality of life improvements
Sort Rating by Phase
  • Speed performance improvements when loading feed
  • Added filter for sorting by highest average rating across all rate phases
  • Changed insights wording to reflect new status feature
  • Ideanote now sends more notifications to people assigned to act on an idea
  • Bug fixes and various performance improvements
Quick Actions Bar
  • Speed and performance improvements when loading missions and ideas
  • In the settings overview, unavailable disabled menu items will be sorted at the bottom
  • Now only owners can setup the Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and custom code integrations
  • When using the columns view, ideas can be dragged and dropped into an action bar to change status, move the idea to another mission or delete the idea
  • When closing ideas in lists, the page no longer scrolls to the top
  • Fixed issue where notifications would sometimes crash
  • The names of idea owners are now clickable on idea cards
  • The language of the user is now set on the website so website translation extensions can automatically translate Ideanote to the correct language
  • Minor bug fixes and UX improvements
Custom Code

Added a new integration where it is possible to add custom code making it possible for workspace owners to modify all aspects of Ideanote

Custom Status

It is now possible to add statuses to ideas to track them better. Ideas changes visually based the status of the idea to give a better overview

Better Text Search
  • Fixed issue where text search sometimes wouldn't give the expected results
  • Fixed issue where the identity selector on ideas would be empty when creating an idea as a virtual user
  • Using a workspace link for new users will no longer log out the already logged in user out if clicked
  • Minor bug fixes, UI and performance improvements
New Zapier Version and Drag & Drop Restrictions
  • Deployed new Zapier version 1.2.2
  • Fixed issue where checkbox wouldn't appear in sharable links
  • It is no longer possible to visually drag and drop columns if the user doesn't have editing rights to the mission
  • Improved list idea view
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvemente
Multi SAML

It is now possible to have multiple SSO / SAML providers for one workspace.

Logo Size and Custom Background Colors
  • Made logo in app bar slightly larger
  • The logo in the app bar is now visible on more screensizes
  • An info box is now shown in insights when no data is available
  • The load more button now loads 6 ideas instead of 5
  • Office file attachments now render correctly when uploaded in the submit idea flow
  • Improved translations
  • When a new update is available a toast will now appear to show the new version before updating
  • It is now possible to customise the background color of the full page widget
  • The confetti shown in widget now uses the colors of the workspace theme
  • Invoices through email are no longer sent if the workspace requests manual invoices
  • Fixed issue where customers on the Appsumo plan didn't have access to anonymous ideas
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Easier Rank Changes
  • Added a submenu when changing ranks in the people overview
  • Fixed issue where emails sometimes wouldn't be received
  • Fixed issue where the icon in view tabs would collapse in Safari
  • The titles of views are now being capped to 50 characters
  • More padding has been added to the anonymous avatars
  • When opening help center on mobile it now opens in a new window
  • When having access to the idea owner, hovering over the avatar of an idea will now show a warning that explains why the user can see the owner
  • Added support for anonymity to Zapier triggers and actions
  • Changed the during of instant to mean within 5 minutes (before it meant within 15 minutes)
  • Fixed issue where the font weight would sometimes not show correctly when customising the space
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Locked Ideas

It is now possible to lock phases so ideas or activities cannot be edited.

Anonymous Ideas

Get a company suggestion box to easily collect anonymous suggestions, feedback and ideas.

Auto-Translated Insights and better Unsplash Covers
  • Holding down shift will select multiple ideas in trends
  • Cluster view is now translated based on the workspace language
  • Clicking items in a draggable context will now always click instead of drag
  • Adding a cover through Unsplash is now faster than ever
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements
  • The date picker now respects the min and max dates when selecting a date and time.
  • Improved all popups and dialogs on mobile
Filters + Views

Make idea management even more actionable and efficient. Now you can create custom filtered views, save them and make sure the right people seem the right ideas at the right time. For example a view of just the Top 10 ideas, or a View that shows ideas that need to rated by your evaluation team.

Reordering Views and Zapier Mentions
  • Added support for reordering mission views.
  • Added support for saving filters and sorting to views.
  • Email notifications are no longer sent to users who have not accepted their invitation yet.
  • Inviting users to a workspace now always correctly updates existing lists of users on the page.
  • Rating cards are now wider.
  • When creating a new rating criteria when editing a rating phase, the criteria is now added to the phase.
  • Change email provider to use a static IP. This makes emails more reliable and companies using email filtering only have to allow the domain
  • More trusted domains are now allowed when uploading videos.
  • Fixed issue where an email notification in some cases were sent to the user even though it had been viewed on the platform.
  • More data as for example the environment is now sent through the Google Analytics integration.
  • When having no logo on the workspace, the logo is shown as not defined in workspace settings.
  • Margins are now smaller in the feed.
  • Hovering teams now has correct width when there are many stats.
  • New Zapier Trigger: you can now use mentions as a trigger in Zapier.
  • Fixed issue where creating a comment with an attachment sometimes would make the comment count go up by 2 locally.
  • The comment count will now always show the correct number locally when deleting replies with replies.
  • Clicking the sharable link in share mission now copies the link to the clipboard.
  • Inviting people through CSV now correctly invites existing users to the specified teams.
  • Made the list of phases when editing a phase scrollable.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns sometimes would appear in the wrong direction.
  • Added help article on how to add custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • When inviting a guest to a team, the guest is now automatically converted to a normal member.
  • Team owners can now navigate to the members section of settings and add people to their team.
  • Fixed issue where links to receipts in some cases didn't work.
  • We have made improvements to performance, the UX and fixed bugs.
File Upload Progress Bar and more Languages
  • Uploading files from Internet Explorer 11 is now more performant.
  • On Safari we now show all attachments on cards when many are added.
  • When uploading files we now always show the correct progress percentage.
  • Events sent through the Google Analytics integration has been cleaned up.
  • Fixed missing images in the intergrations page.
  • The enter tab icons are now hidden in the widget when on mobile.
  • Padding has been decreased in the widget when on mobile.
  • The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations now support more versions.
  • The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger integrations are now supported on the widget.
  • When we update the widget, the upgrade experience is now more seamless than ever and users should not notice when new versions are released.
  • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases, the email login link would not work.
  • Attachments on the platform such as uploading a logo or cover image now only allow selecting images.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of a video attachment would not show in Safari.
  • When hiding and showing columns in the list view, the dropdown does no longer close.
  • When clicking on a list view row the corresponding idea now opens.
  • Custom views dropdown now correctly collapses when the filter sidebar opens.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty state sometimes would show before ideas had finished loading.
  • Added better internal error tracking and uptime monitoring.
  • Italian, Dutch and French translations have been improved.
  • Turkish language support has been added.
Deadline Time and Video Upload Improvements
  • Video upload improvements of large files.
  • More descriptive error handling in widget.
  • It is now possible to choose time when selecting deadline.
  • Insights about trends does now always start from the center.
  • It is now possible to add empty idea fields for the widget for communicating a message during the idea creation.
  • After logging in as an admin through an instant login link the correct mission edit buttons are now shown.
  • When logging in with a wrong password the spinner now stops spinning before the toast goes away.
  • It is now possible to select file types and sizes when setting up the attachments idea field.
  • Fixed issue where navigation bar sometimes when opened would be on top of some buttons on mobile.
  • We now properly show that the video is being processed while it is being processed.
  • The Zapier integration now uses transactions for creating ideas.
  • All images are now preloaded to enhance performance.
  • Tabs for views now uses more space before collapsing.
  • When clicking a view option the dropdown now collapses automatically.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Activity Visibility and Mobile Improvements
  • Creating ideas is now faster than ever
  • Control the visibility of ideas and activities in phases
  • Themes has been updated
  • Ability to request manual invoice
  • Customize the rating range
  • Customize the rating labels
  • 2FA Payments
  • Add your own Google Analytics ID to measure usage
  • Add your own Google Tag Manager ID to customize the HTML, JavaScript and HTML
  • Mobile improvements
  • New landing page
  • General speed improvements
  • Lots of bug fixes
Custom Views

There is more than one way to look at an idea.

We're always working to make it easier for you to manage ideas. Sometimes that means giving you the right overview, letting you dive in and explore or creating filtered views.

This week we released Custom Views, a feature that lets you save and share your way of working with ideas. From diving into and exploring ideas, a ready-made list for your evaluation team or specific insights. Just add, rename, filter and share. So everyone stays efficient and your innovation moves faster.

Google Tag Manager

Ideanote now let's you add your own Google Tag Manager property - giving you full control over custom HTML, CSS and Javascript you want to run on your workspace.

From adding custom styles to embedding your own helpdocs or chatbot to tracking conversion rate with pixels. Your customization possibilities are endless.

Google Analytics Integration

Now you can connect your Ideanote with Google Analytics and track events such as new ideas, comments and likes right from within your analytics platform. Just paste your GA code and the setup is done.

Bulk Actions

It's time to save some more time! Use Ideanote's Bulk Actions to run actions on many ideas at a time. Select them in the list view and run a Bulk Action that lets Ideanote handle it for you, automagically. From moving ideas to a new phase, archiving them or exporting a list of ideas, you decide the action in a nifty action bar at the bottom of the screen that appears whenever you select one or more ideas.

Combined with Custom Filters and sorting, Bulk Actions lets you automate a ton of work and makes your idea management more lean and efficient.

List View

List View is here! Get the full overview of all ideas in a powerful List view right within Ideanote.

Columns: You can edit which columns you want to see in your List view and Ideanote will remember them for you.

Sorting: You can sort ideas in the ideas List view by the content of any of the columns. Just click the title of the column to sort ascending or descending.

Filtering: In addition to sorting, you can also filter ideas to cut out the clutter. You can filter ideas with custom filters or use simple filters like phases.

Export: You can export the list of ideas you are seeing as an Excel xslx. if you want to work with it in other tools.

New Zapier Triggers
  • New Zapier triggers and actions.
  • Option to create ideas through Zapier.
  • Faster cluster chart.
  • Added support for Thai language.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Vietnamese Language
  • Vietnamese’s language option has been added.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Custom Filters

A whole new search experience just arrived! Now you can build advanced filters to find exactly the ideas you are looking for. This feature is extremely powerful and allows you to fine-tune every detail of your searches. Here's a handful of examples of what you could search for:

  • Ideas in the grow phase with more than 10 likes and 5 comments
  • Ideas created between January and May 2019
  • Ideas created by people from Germany and Spain
  • Ideas where the title ends with "Innovation"
  • Ideas that has been rated in all rate-phases

The filters can easily be saved or shared with your co-workers.

Unset Password Improvements
  • The UX when signing in before having set a password has been improved.
  • It is no longer possible to create missions as a guest user.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Comment Deeplinks
  • It is now possible to deep link to a specific comment of an idea.
  • It is now possible to create advanced filters when searching for ideas.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
File Preview and Comment Hierarchy
  • It is now easier to see replies and the hierarchy of comments threads.
  • In the manage view of missions an idea count is shown on each column.
  • It is now possible to let Ideanote send notification emails from a custom email address. Please contact us to open up for this feature for your workspace.
  • Preview office files directly in Ideanote.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Font Weights and Idea Counts
  • Custom Fonts now have Font Weight options.
  • Manage view now shows # of ideas per phase.
  • Custom Domain help article has been improved.
  • Extended support for email notification whitelabel options.
  • Made download options for attachments more clear.
  • Allow for cover image overrides for widgets.
  • Improved display of share dialogue phase access iconss
Zapier Integration

Endless of new possibilities for automating your workflows.

Here’s a few examples of what you can do with the new integration

  • New ideas created automatically gets added to a spreadsheet.
  • Each time a new idea is created a custom thank you email is sent to the creator.
  • When new ideas are created a lightbulb blinks in your office space.
  • When new ideas that contain the word “critical” are created, an SMS is automatically sent to the product manager.

The examples above are just the tip of the iceberg, only your imagination sets the limit. Read more in our help article.

Customizable Font Options

To better align Ideanote with your brand, we have added even more personalization options. It is now possible to fine-tune how the titles, text and buttons looks. Go to the personalization page and tweak the knobs of the font-size, line-height, letter-spacing and text-transform until you feel at home. Stay tuned for more options added in the future.

Customizable Idea Field Titles

Customizing the idea templates is a powerful feature, but when you add many fields it can quickly get chaotic. It is now possible to choose whether the title of each field is shown on the ideas. With the click of a button you can choose whether you prefer to have compact ideas that give you the perfect overview of many ideas at once, or big detailed ideas that you can understand at a glance.

Embed Options

In Ideanote there are many ways to share a mission. You can embed it on your webpage, you can send a link in an email and you can use the widget. With our new embed generator you can customize all of this in an easy and intuitive way.

Ideanote API

One of our most requested features has been a public Ideanote API. We have been working very hard on this feature and can proudly announce that we have the first beta version available. The API is blazingly fast and uses GraphQL behind the curtains. We are still working on fine-tuning the last details and documenting the API, getting everything ready for a stable release.

Currently the API is available on an invite only basis and we only have a few seats available for the beta period. Write an email to with the subject line “Ideanote API” and we will make sure to send you an invite as soon as possible if you qualify.

Update: You can now read our documentation on

Custom Login Button

In many cases the login screen is the first screen new users see. Therefore we have now made it possible to customize the text of the log in button. If you want to customize the onboarding experience this is a feature for you. It is especially useful in combination with the SAML login feature - you could for example write “Login with Sharepoint” or “Login with GSuite” to make the login experience more clear for your organization. Go to your settings page and in the security tab you will find the new customization options.

Comment Likes, Threads and Attachments

Ideanote is all about improving ideas. That's why we've made commenting on ideas even more powerful and engaging with this week's release.

  1. Comment Likes. Show appreciation by liking a comment and see the top voted comments.
  2. Comment Threads. Reply to other comments directly to keep the conversation natural and efficient.
  3. Comment Attachments. A picture can be worth 1000 words - so we've made it possible to attach files right in the comments.

We also want to thank the Ideanote Heroes that submitted the roadmap ideas 169, 71, 50 and 66. You made this release possible.

Need a feature for your innovation? Head over to our roadmap where you can request and upvote features.

Weighted Rating

We all know what it can be like to have ideas flying around. If only there was a way to prioritize them fast and efficiently. You know, just the way you want to.

On this weeks' #featurefriday we we talk about our newest feature, Weighted Ratings. It makes idea evaluation on Ideanote even more powerful 🌟

Link Preview Branding

When sharing your workspace to Linkedin, Slack or another page you can now define the preview image, title and description that you want to be shown.

Keep looking sharp, with even more custom branding options.

Custom Domain

Your domain, your choice! Now you can add your own custom domain, like, in seconds right in Ideanote.

We handle SSL certificate creation and renewal, as well as automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirects for all your custom domains, including wildcard domains.

Hidden Teams

Your workspace just got more powerful. Whatever you need to keep apart - from clients, departments to projects - you can now have more of them at the same time.

Organize your idea collections in hidden team folders and they will only be visible for the relevant people.

Custom Funnel

Enjoy working in a platform that adapts to your needs. With Ideanote you'll now be able to work in a way that matches your existing processes - while still managing ideas efficiently and digitally.

Add phases, move them around and manage ideas with as many custom phases as you need to work with ideas - your way.

Select and Radio Buttons

Custom ideas templates just got even more custom. With the Select and Radio Button Idea Fields you have even more freedom to define what kind of ideas you want to collect.

Excel Export

We've listened and we get it. When it comes to export you want a consistent format across all your missions and as much info a possible. With the new Excel export you get all that. One tab for every idea template and lots of data fields including unique ID's and Timestamps with ISO8601 timezone.

Idea Linking

Build your own network of ideas across topics, themes and missions. Just select two ideas and link them up. Voila!

Idea Cluster

What do thousands of ideas look like on one screen? Presenting the Ideanote Idea Cluster. From now Ideanote analyzes all your ideas in the background across languages using the newest Natural Language Processing technology and automatically identifies similar ideas and topics - so you can explore and link thousands of ideas while keeping the overview.

Idea Collection Widget

Collect ideas where people are with the world's first Idea Collection Widget. Generate an embed code for any of your missions, using any idea template and start collecting ideas right from your website or intranet.

From customer feedback to employees submitting cost-saving ideas right from their device - the possibilities are endless.

Automatic Translation

With our newest release you can go ahead and discover ideas in languages you don't speak with the click of a mouse. Our system recognizes what language an idea is written in and offers helpful translations on demand. So you can share ideas across borders.

From Switzerland to China, from Brazil to Belgium.

Mission Deadlines

We all work better with a fixed deadline. With the new deadline feature you can set clear time limits for your idea collection in every mission. Just select a deadline from the list or set a custom end date.

Status Page

Our promise to you has always been to deliver enterprise-grade security, stability and scaleability. Depending on your plan, we've even set this in stone in your Service Level Agreement. With our new status page you can now check our current and historical uptime for peace of mind.

Idea Templates

Not all ideas are born the same. Sometimes you're looking for short and catchy headlines, sometimes you need specific information for every idea.

With Idea Templates you now have the power to define exactly what kinds of ideas you want to collect from people. Like Lego blocks you can build your own template out of Short Text, Long Text, Checkmark, Attachment and Number fields.

Idea Templates mean higher quality ideas, faster. For everyone.

Hidden Phases

Your ideas, your process. Now you've got more control than ever to decide which phases are visible to your members. Just set any phase in a mission to hidden and all the ideas in the phase are hidden automatically. Only the original idea owner and people with editing rights will then have access to those ideas.

As a default, ideas in the review phase are set to be hidden. But that's completely up to you. Hide the rate phase? Archived ideas? Go ahead 👍

Review Phase Launched

Sometimes you need to be vigilant.

With the brand new review phase you can now make sure your incoming stream of ideas is clean and pretty even in high volume idea collections.

Pre-screen incoming ideas as they land in the review phase. Just decline them or accept them and let them move on to your normal workflow. With pre-screening enabled you can sleep well, knowing that every new idea goes across your desk before it goes anywhere else.