Additions and updates to the Ideanote platform.

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March 2022

Changelog (01-03-2022)

Changelog (01-03-2022)
  • The suggest AI idea button is now only shown to people who have edit access to the mission
  • The new default access when inviting to a mission is now only idea creator
  • Hidden columns in the list view are now saved properly after reload
  • Checkboxes are now hidden in the list view for people who don't have edit access to the mission
  • The onboarding flow has been updated with mobile layout improvements
  • When using a multiuser link to a team the user that creates an account now automatically becomes a member of that team
  • Fixed issue where editing an idea would only let the user fill out the fields that had already been interacted with
  • It is now possible to disable sending out access links in emails (eg. If the workspace only wants to use SSO)
  • Teams are now collapsible on the home page
  • Comment names now shows the full names
  • It is now possible to sort on more columns in the list view
  • Using the view layout settings it is now possible to show a single column list instead of a masonry view