Collect ideas

Collect the ideas that matter.

Stop missing opportunities across post-its, emails and chats. It's time to launch goal-driven idea collections where you solve challenges together.

Capture ideas in seconds

Ideanote is a powerful idea collection tool. Capture ideas quickly. From teammates, clients or a global crowd — crowdsource new solutions from the combined intelligence of the many.

Eliminate friction

Ideanote's idea collections are accessible to all, easy to use and work for asynchronus idea collection too. With the embeddable widget you can even collect ideas right where your people are, like on your intranet or website.

Improve quality

Not all ideas are born equal — make sure ideas are heard by providing the right context, helpful guiding form fields and idea collections that spark inspiration in today's purpose driven workers.

Find solutions with goal-driven idea collections

Launch focused idea-collections centered around a question or a pain point to collect more of your people’s best ideas. If you're ever in doubt, you can browse our gallery of idea collection templates.

For example: How might we improve our product?

Communicate your vision by adding details

Make sure people have the context they need by adding more detailed descriptions or file uploads to your missions. The clearer your call for ideas - the higher their quality is going to be.

For example: How about adding a video from the CFO personally asking for ideas?

Collect better ideas with custom fields

Build your own idea form with tons of custom idea fields to choose from - so you can capture all the details you might need further down the road. From text fields to sliders and dropdowns to attachments - everything you need is included and works on desktop and mobile right out of the box.

For example: How about a field asking if the idea has been tested already?

Share and collect anywhere

Collecting more ideas means having better ideas to choose from. That’s why Ideanote comes with a fully customizable and responsive form widget. You can easily embed the widget on your blog, website or intranet to gather ideas from employees, customers and website visitors.

For example: Why not embed Ideanote on a quick custom landing page?


Perfect online ideas platform for sharing ideas.

Looking for more? We're shipping new features every week.