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Innovation has Changed

Innovation isn't just our business; it's our craft, our playground, and let me tell you, the game has fundamentally changed.

Gone are the days when innovation was the only the businesses of black-turtleneck-wearing visionaries who'd emerge from smoke-filled rooms with "the next big thing."

Now, it's as grassroots as a community garden.

People want autonomy and purpose. They want down-to-earth results. They want transparent processes. We need to develop a new way of doing things. We need innovation that is more efficeint, simple and more engaging for everyone.

Here at Ideanote we’re all about making ideas matter. We’ve changed the way we think about innovation. And you know what? It’s working.

Making Innovation Accessible, One Idea at a Time

The most successful companies aren't those with the most bombastic strategies. Instead, it's the organizations that harness the collective genius of their people, who unlock the potential of every voice.

A new standard for innovation.

Whether you're pulling ideas out of thin air with AI or crowdsourcing the crème de la crème of customer feedback, we've got you covered.

Hit-the-ground running with an adaptable, self-service innovation process that zips along, pushing your company faster towards profit and growth.

Think of Ideanote as the swiss army knife in your innovation toolkit. It's practical, it's user-friendly, and it gets the job done - minus the fluff.

We’re about the now, the real, and the impactful. So let’s start with what’s in front of us – an idea, a problem to solve, a need to fulfill.

Next, read about our Principles and Practices.

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Jakob Storjohann