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Use smart embeddable widgets to build custom innovation experiences and collect ideas anywhere from your website to your intranet to mobile devices.

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Customizable Interface

Every business is unique, and Ideanote gets that. Our setup wizard comes with the flexibility necessary to modify every detail to fit your company's specific innovation narrative. From form fields to authentication methods, we tailor the ideation experience to blend seamlessly with your organizational fabric.

Real-Time Collaboration

Transform your organization into a hive of real-time interaction where every voice can be heard. Ideanote's offers a dynamic stage for employees to engage with, critique, and refine ideas as a community. It’s a digital roundtable that invites synergy and sets the stage for breakthrough moments daily.

Enhanced Security

With Ideanote, rest easy knowing your collaborative space is fortified with top-tier security. Our authenticated submission process, featuring single sign-on integration, ensures every idea is associated with a verifiable source. Protecting your innovation process is our priority, so your team can focus on what they do best—envisioning the future.

Launcher Widgets

Collect ideas where people are.

Embed idea collections in your app or website to create custom innovation experiences that delight your audience.

Why Idea Widgets Help you Collect Ideas

In the realm of innovation management, the structure and process of idea collection form the cornerstone of progress. However, at Ideanote, we recognize that engaging your crowd is equally vital to the success of innovation. Ideanote has an array of features and benefits that foster a collaborative, creative, and secure environment for sourcing ideas.

Easily Set up an Idea Collection Widget with Ideanote

Engaging Your Crowd: A Modular Approach to Idea Sourcing

The fundamental belief at Ideanote revolves around the understanding that without an engaged crowd, the most impeccable structure and automation processes cannot yield a wealth of innovative ideas. To address this, Ideanote offers dedicated resources and features to source ideas from diverse corners of the internet, be it from employees or customers. The modular approach to idea collection ensures adaptability to the complex nature of the online landscape, allowing for customized experiences and flows.

Custom Conversion-Optimized Forms: A Window to Infinite Ideas

Ideanote introduces embeddable idea collection widgets, designed to serve as custom, conversion-optimized forms for eliciting ideas from a wide spectrum of contributors. These widgets are tailored to accommodate various idea collections, with the flexibility to incorporate multiple widgets per collection. The diversity of widget types, including popover, tile, and full-page options, ensures seamless integration into different digital platforms, catering to the unique preferences of each user.

The popover type, for instance, allows for the integration of an idea collection widget directly onto websites or intranets, presenting itself as a pop-up dialog triggered by a timer or a launcher icon. This feature provides users with a dedicated space for submitting ideas, accompanied by customizable welcome screens and a user-friendly submission process facilitated through conditional fields.

Amplifying Collaboration: A Secure and Collaborative Idea Submission Experience

What sets Ideanote's idea collection widget apart from traditional forms is its direct integration into the Ideanote platform, ensuring that sourced ideas seamlessly transition into the structured management system. The widget prioritizes security through authenticated submission processes, offering dialog, popover, tile, or full-page links that require users to sign in via single sign-on company solutions. This authentication method guarantees the certainty of the idea submitter's identity, fostering a secure ideation environment.

Furthermore, the collaborative potential of the idea collection widget transcends conventional boundaries, allowing users to explore, like, comment, and engage with each other's ideas in real-time. This interactive dimension enhances transparency, drives innovation, and cultivates a culture of creativity within the organization. The setup process is streamlined through a built-in setup wizard, empowering users to customize each aspect of the widget, from form fields to authentication methods, catering to diverse innovation needs.

Ideanote's embedding functionality and the comprehensive suite of features not only revolutionize idea sourcing but also enrich the collaborative innovation experience. By seamlessly integrating with diverse digital platforms and offering robust security measures, Ideanote empowers organizations to unleash the full potential of their crowd's creativity, driving innovation to new heights.

Remember, innovation flourishes when engagement meets structure, and Ideanote is the catalyst that make this happen.

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Questions and Answers

Does Ideanote support SSO or AD?
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SSO allows companies to manage all users in single overview. With a single SSO, companies have one less place to worry about as it centralizes the users into an application that cuts down on the app management needs. Ideanote supports a range of Single Sign-On providers and technologies including SAML 2.0, Azure ADFS, JWT and more.

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