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Why can I only see some of my employees in the User List?

When importing ideas or comment can we import idea attachments like images or videos?

Is my AI generated content stored, used for training or reviewed by third parties?

How can I see if an idea was created via AI?

Can I delete my user and my data?

What's the difference between a Workspaces, Idea Collections, Phases, Teams, Sections and Goals?

Is there a usage limit for the API?

Can we automatically map teams via AD groups and SAML?

How fast can an Enterprise size organization implement Ideanote?

Does Ideanote regularily update the product?

What systems and browsers do you support?

How does Ideanote handle incidents?

Is my data kept private?

Does Ideanote scan files for viruses?

Does Ideanote have anti-malware programs installed?

Does Ideanote log events with an Audit Trail?

Does Ideanote conduct regular security audits?

Do Ideanote Sub-Processors comply with GDPR?

Does Ideanote comply with the EU GDPR, California CCPA, PIPL and other privacy regulations?

Is Ideanote data controller or processor?

Does Ideanote process personal information?

Does Ideanote subcontract any of its services?

Does Ideanote run background checks on employees?

Are customer passwords encrypted?

Does Ideanote have a password policy?

Is Ideanote using compliant encryption methods?

Does Ideanote keep customer information after termination?

Does Ideanote have the ability to sanitize computing resources of client data if a customer leaves Ideanote?

Can Ideanote delete Customer data on request?

Is Ideanote SOC2 or ISO27001 compliant?

What security features do Ideanote’s data centers provide?

What is the technical stack that Ideanote is built on?

Can we change the look and feel of the application including colors, fonts, branding, e.g. through CSS?

Do you require installation of any plug-ins, webhooks or integrations?

Does Ideanote support bulk data extraction and how is it secured?‍

Does Ideanote provide any off-the-shelf integrations?

Does Ideanote have a public API and how is it secured?

How is customer data seperated and is Ideanote multi-tenant or single-tenant?

How does Ideanote perform backups?

Where is Ideanote data located?

Do you have documentation for your API gateways?

What protection do you provide against DDoS, Ransomware, Malware and other attacks?

What are your SLAs for availability as well as RPO and RTO?

Is the data encrypted at rest?

Is data encrypted in transit via transport layer encryption (TLS)?

Is sensitive data (e.g. PII) encrypted?

Are there any in-system capabilities for data archiving?

How can Ideanote guarantee high availability and uptime?

Have you completed a recent penetration test and would you be prepared to share the results?

How do you ensure that any access security is propagated to any reporting layer?

Is there role-based access control (RBAC)?

What authentication methods are supported?

What is Ideanote?

How does the AI idea generator work?

Is the AI idea generator free?

How many AI ideas can I generate for free?

Is each AI idea unique?

Can the AI idea generator replace humans?

What is the ICE scale scoring model for ideas?

What are some examples of how-might-we questions?

What is a good "how might we" question?

What is a Kaizen board?

What is Open Innovation?

Should I offer rewards for winning solutions?

Does Open Innovation result in quality ideas?

What are legal challenges to open innovation?

Can I customize access to the phases?

Can I customize the phases?

What kind of support do you provide?

Does Ideanote support SSO or AD?

Do you have any use-cases or customer cases you can share?

How long has Ideanote been in business for?

How can I measure employee engagement?

Are anonymous idea submissions really anonymous?

What is employee engagement?

Why is employee engagement so important?

How does low employee engagement impact the business?

What are different types of continuous improvement?

What are examples of continuous improvements?

What are the benefits of continuous improvement?

What is continuous improvement?

How does continuous improvement work?

What are the 4 phases of an continuous improvement?

How can I turn a problem into an innovation challenge?

How to formulate a good question for an innovation challenge?

What are examples of innovation challenges?

What is a Innovation Challenge Software?

Why should a company invest in innovation management software?

What is the difference between an improvement and innovation?

How is Innovation Management defined?

What are innovation management tools?

What are the 9 types of innovation?

What makes a good innovation manager?

What makes an idea important or good?

How do you manage ideas successfully?

What are the benefits of Idea Management?

What is Idea Management?

Why do you need to manage ideas?

What is the difference between idea management and innovation management?

What factors should ideas be evaluated on?