Manage ideas

Keep moving the right ideas forward.

Prioritize incoming ideas and take the best to action faster with a fully stacked idea management suite.

Innovate your way

Deliver a transparent but custom workflow that involves the right people in collaboration at every step. From developing ideas to professional idea evaluation and more — your innovation, your process.

Keep the overview

Innovation is managed chaos. Startups and enterprises alike depend on Ideanote's manage features it's easy to stay on top of even the biggest storm of incoming ideas.

Get stuff done

Ideas are worth little, unless they are executed. Make sure the right ideas keep moving forward with an end-to-end innovation funnel that helps your organization prioritize and implement valuable ideas.

Develop ideas together with collaboration.

Every idea has a right to be considered before it is dismissed. Co-create solutions with clear and easy collaboration features, including threaded comments, mentions, likes, and attachments and ask

For example: Why not collect feedback by asking how might we improve this idea?

Take action with easy drag & drop

Managing ideas can be easy and playful with Ideanote. When an idea is ready for the next step in the process, just drag & drop it to the next phase and make sure ideas are actually acted on.

For example: How about moving developed ideas into the evaluation phase?

Find the best ideas with custom rating

Prioritize ideas on a playful scale based on custom evaluation criteria to find the best ideas. Then sort and filter your ideas to find the best. Add weighted ratings and more for full flexibility.

For example: How about inviting a team of stakeholders to rate ideas by Impact, Confidence and Ease?

Add custom phases

Streamline your innovation process with a built-in five-phase process - or mix and match the phases to build your own funnel with ease. Decide where incoming ideas land or even hide entire phases from the crowd, you decide.

For example: How about adding a hidden review phase where ideas wait for approval?


Looking for more? We're shipping new features every week.