The world’s top-performing companies are leading with their innovation to drive key business results and increase their organization's competitiveness on the global marketplace.

Why is innovation-led growth important?

"Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive, and determination of the people behind it as the product they sell."

Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Inc. & SpaceX
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The innovation game has changed.

Innovation has become easier. More prevalent. Faster. But expectations have shifted as well.

Employees are fed up with top-down management and expect to be met with transparent innovation processes that empower and are full of purpose. Customers expect to be listened to and want to co-create solutions. Managers expect to receive value quickly and with minimal effort.

Meeting these expectations means delivering frictionless and goal-driven innovation — or losing your revenue, your customers and your employees to companies that do.

That means leaning into your innovation as the single greatest lever for future growth.

The Flywheel

The new model for Innovation-Led Growth

Better innovation processes lead to faster and more profitable growth.

This means implementing an innovation process that’s easy to adapt, proves its value quickly, and is largely self-service. It means understanding that frictionless, goal-driven innovation help kickstart a virtuous cycle that keeps employees engaged and customers happy.

Whether you're already far into your march toward becoming an Innovation-Led Company or just learned about the concept. We’ve created the Innovation-Led Growth Flywheel as a framework that’s easy to start with at any scale.

THE ROI OF Innovation-led GROWTH

Innovation-led businesses are outperforming their peers.

The secret is out. While everyone and their dog wants to innovate, you need structure and a good process to succeed. With Ideanote, you can create your own optimized innovation flow that collects ideas from your people and makes sure the best ideas move forward.

Increase revenue.

Reach your sales targets with continuous or radical improvements.

Reduce costs.

Identify and implement cost-saving opportunities across the company.

Achieve goals.

Use the collective mind of your workforce to achieve strategic goals.

Engage people.

Empower employees and customers to lift the bottom line of the business.


Act on customer needs better and faster than your competition.

Stay resilient.

Make innovation a core competency to stay agile in times of crisis.

How it works.

1. Collect ideas.

Launch goal-driven idea collections to capture more of your people's best ideas.

2. Engage people.

Involve the right people in innovation across teams, and areas of expertise.

3. Manage ideas.

Move ideas forward with the right pace through phases that match your way of working.

4. Measure impact.

Set goals, track progress and celebrate your overall innovation success from day one.

Join thousands of successful innovation-led companies.

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