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Questions and Answers

What are Ideanote's use-cases?
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Ideanote enables organizations to tap into the collective intelligence of a larger group, be it employees, customers, or the public, to gather diverse ideas and insights, enhancing creativity and problem-solving.

Can Ideanote be used for small scale or one-off projects or events?
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Yes, Ideanote's flexibility makes it ideal for both small-scale and large-scale idea collections, providing the same level of efficiency and effectiveness regardless of the project size.

You can can continuous, or one-off idea collections and they can be about broad or focused topics.

Can Ideanote be used both for internal and external innovation?
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Yes, Ideanote is versatile enough to be used both internally within your organization and externally with stakeholders like customers, partners, or the public. This flexibility allows for a broader range of ideas and insights, which can significantly enhance your innovation efforts.

Does Ideanote integrate with other tools?
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You can connect to your project management and BI tools.

Ideanote offers integrations via its API and thousands of integrations to other tools via the Zapier and Microsoft Power Automate marketplaces.

Ideanote also offers a native integration with Microsoft Teams so you can build on ideas right where you work.

Is Ideanote suitable for Enterprise?
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With robust security measures, scalable architecture, and enterprise-grade features, Ideanote is fully equipped to meet the demands of large-scale enterprise environments.

Ideanote is committed to maintaining high security and privacy standards, and is GDPR and SOC2 compliant, reflecting its dedication to data security and privacy. It also support most major SSO / AD providers.