Get Creative Ideas Faster with Ideation Templates

Does idea collection in your company involve scattered ideas, disjointed discussions, and unmanageable spreadsheets? A lack of a streamlined idea collection process turns tracking, evaluating, and ultimately choosing the best ideas into chaos.

To help you take your idea collection process from chaotic to fully organized and efficient, we’ve created a library of ideation templates. These templates are designed to help you collect ideas in one space, where you and your team can easily manage, track, and collaborate on ideas as they fall into your pipeline.

All ideation templates in our library were made by innovation experts to facilitate idea collection for innovation-driven companies like yours.

Ideation Templates to Enhance Your Brainstorming Sessions

The first step of any brainstorming session is defining the problem you’re looking to solve. That’s why we based our ideation templates on the “how might we” technique for problem framing.

You can browse thousands of ideation templates by starting your question with “How might we.”

This will bring up the templates that align with your problem statement. You can use them to keep track of your ideas during brainstorming sessions or invite others to join online brainstorming and offer their thoughts.

All our ideation templates are user-friendly, allowing you to filter, react, and customize them for your specific needs. You can even get help from AI to generate more ideas. And if you need to share or save your ideas and comments, you can easily import and export them as needed.