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Reliable Security Standards

Ideanote's SOC2 certification and GDPR compliance ensure your ideas are protected under stringent security protocols. With servers based in the EU, we guarantee the safety and privacy of your data, giving you the confidence to innovate freely.

Data Residency Flexibility

Understanding the diverse needs of global businesses, Ideanote offers data residency options. This allows you to choose where your data is stored, ensuring compliance with regional regulations and giving you control over your innovation data.

High Availability, No Compromises

With a 99% uptime SLA for enterprise customers, Ideanote commits to being your reliable partner in innovation. Our industry-standard servers promise consistent performance, ensuring your innovation processes are uninterrupted.

Custom Contracts

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Ideanote allows you to build a home for all ideas across your departments and your value chain.

Navigating Compliance in Innovation Management

In the quest for innovative success, compliance remains a key pillar. Ideanote rises to this challenge, offering a robust Data Processing Addendum (DPA) complete with Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs). This legal framework ensures that your data handling aligns with the highest international standards, providing peace of mind and a clear path for your innovation journey.

At Ideanote, we understand the importance of data security and minimization. We rigorously select our sub-processors, partnering exclusively with industry leaders like Google for Cloud Hosting. This approach not only guarantees top-tier security and compliance but also leverages the advanced capabilities that such partnerships offer.

Customizable Compliance for Your Peace of Mind

Ideanote's platform is designed with flexibility at its core. Recognizing the diverse needs of global businesses, we offer you the option to opt out of certain functionalities, such as AI, that might involve data transfer. This ensures that you can tailor your innovation management experience to stay within the bounds of your specific compliance requirements.

Innovation thrives when it's built on a foundation of trust and security. Ideanote's commitment to minimizing sub-processors and using only industry-standard services ensures that your innovative endeavors are backed by a platform that not only inspires creativity but also upholds the strictest compliance standards.

Innovation with Compliance Confidence

Ideanote presents a unique blend of innovation facilitation and compliance adherence. By choosing our platform, you align with a service that understands the intricacies of global compliance standards. Ideanote empowers you to innovate boldly, backed by the assurance of a secure, compliant, and customizable environment.

Audit Log

Ideanote's Audit Log feature exemplifies our dedication to transparency and accountability in innovation. This tool thoroughly logs all platform activities, offering a detailed, chronological summary of interactions and changes. It tracks idea submissions, alterations, and user engagements, making every part of your innovation process traceable, secure, and manageable. This detail is vital for keeping a clear, auditable trail, boosting trust in your innovation management.

Antivirus File Scanning

Ideanote integrates ClamAV antivirus scanning, providing robust protection for every file uploaded to the platform. This automatic scanning shields your innovation data from malware and viruses, ensuring a secure environment for your ideas to develop and thrive.

Scalable Security with Google Cloud Armor

Ideanote employs Google Cloud Armor for scalable and advanced security. This integration enhances our platform's defenses with a powerful Web Application Firewall (WAF), protecting against cyber threats and ensuring the resilience and safety of your innovative processes.

Privacy-Focused Approach

In line with our dedication to privacy and data security, Ideanote has taken significant steps to enhance user privacy. We've moved away from conventional tracking methods like Google Analytics and even eliminated the use of Google-hosted fonts. This shift underscores our commitment to respecting user privacy and data sovereignty. By reducing reliance on external tracking services and resources, Ideanote ensures a more secure and private experience for our users, aligning with our core values of trust and user-centric innovation.

Let Ideanote be the cornerstone of your compliant innovation strategy, where creative ideas flourish in a secure, regulated, and supportive ecosystem.

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