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Ideanote is the next-generation innovation software that has everything you need to collect, develop, prioritize and act on more of the right ideas.

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The Innovation-Led Growth Platform

It's more important than ever to stay innovative to compete. No matter your size or industry - better innovation leads to faster and more lasting growth.
Enter Ideanote's Innovation-Led Growth platform.

Ideanote is the World’s #1
Innovation-Led Growth Platform

It’s built on our industry-leading foundation of continuous innovation and goal-driven idea collection. Learn more about how it works:

Innovation has changed.

Learn how modern teams master innovation-led growth.

Ideas? Ideanote.

The secret is out. While everyone and their dog wants to innovate, you need structure and a good process to succeed. With Ideanote's all-in-one platform, you can create your own optimized innovation flow that continuously collects ideas from your people and makes sure the best ideas move forward.


Ask for ideas in a snap.

From day one your team will love how easy it is to collect ideas for new products, increased revenue or a better culture. Invite anyone or embed our widget on your website - so no idea is left behind.


Involve the right people.

Get started in minutes and turn your people into innovators one team at a time. Once you're ready, scale all the way to global innovation campaigns involving tens of thousands of customers.


Move the best ideas forward.

Turn chaos into order with enterprise-grade idea management for your team. Move ideas through your fully customizable funnel, prioritize ideas like a pro and implement the best.


Automatically track your impact

Track the progress of your Innovation-Led Growth from day one. Identify top innovators, track your impact and easily communicate your innovation success with our inbuilt advanced analytics dashboard.


Save time with automations.

Automate the repetitive work in seconds so you speed up your innovation and implement the right ideas faster.

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