Collect and Implement
more Valuable Ideas

Optimize processes, increase sales and make better decisions by listening to ideas from customers, partners and employees, in one place.


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Stop losing Valuable Ideas

Ideanote gives you all the structure and process you need to turn innovation from chaos into action.

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Without Ideanote

Ideas scattered across tools — it slows down your business and ends in chaos

illustration of a happy character and the key element of the ideanote platform: collect, engage, manage, measure, automate and AI
With Ideanote

A centralized home for ideas — unlock the value of innovation for your people and business

Ready? Create your first Idea Collection in Seconds

Here's How it Works


Choose a Goal

Innovate on anything from new products to cost-savings


Invite People

Engage customers or employees and let them submit ideas


Drive Growth

Easily prioritize more of the right ideas and implement the best

Voted #1
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I really like the way they built the platform. If I want to change my innovation process tomorrow, I know that the Ideanote supports it.
Daniel Campos da Silva
Innovation Analyst, Usiminas

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500+ five star reviews. Ideanote is used by everyone from freelancers to CIO’s across 50+ countries.

Ideanote makes it incredibly easy to manage, monitor, discuss, and implement all of the ideas that we come up with
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would give more than 5 Stars if it was possible
a game-changer for me and my team
Great UX and Easy Onboarding
Innovation done Right
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a solid method for creating internal engagement
the right amount of flexibility and customization
one of those things you did not know you needed till you see it and try it
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my team could get the hang of it quickly without additional training
the best place for idea management and implementation
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I love how easy Ideanote makes collecting and voting on ideas within a company or organisation
the value created by collecting and discussing ideas was worth the price

Questions and Answers

What problem does Ideanote solve?
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Ideanote enables organizations to tap into the collective intelligence of a larger group, be it employees, customers, or the public, to gather diverse ideas and insights, enhancing creativity and problem-solving.

Ideanote addresses the challenge of untapped organizational creativity by offering a streamlined platform for capturing, developing, and implementing innovative business ideas. This solution bridges the gap between raw ideas and taking action on more of the right ideas.

Who can benefit from Ideanote?
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Ideanote is beneficial for companies across various sectors, particularly those with a culture inclined towards innovation. Roles like CEOs, Consultants, HR Managers, Innovation and Change Managers, and heads of creative teams will find Ideanote particularly advantageous.

Do I have to manage ideas manually?
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No, Ideanote automates the idea management process. It provides tools for effortless collection, organization, and prioritization of ideas, freeing you from the tedious task of manual handling, thus enhancing efficiency and focus on strategic decision-making.

What does Ideanote do?
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Ideanote streamlines the innovation process by offering a software platform for businesses that want to collect, develop, prioritize and implement more of the right ideas. It integrates seamlessly with existing tools, involves people at all levels, and provides comprehensive support and analytics for managing innovation effectively.

How does Ideanote boost employee engagement?
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Ideanote enables organizations to tap into the collective intelligence of a larger group, be it employees, customers, or the public, to gather diverse ideas and insights, enhancing creativity and problem-solving.

How long does it take to implement Ideanote?
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Implementing Ideanote is swift and user-friendly, often requiring only a short period to fully integrate into your existing business processes. Its customizable nature allows it to adapt quickly to your organizational needs, ensuring a smooth transition.

Why should I choose Ideanote?
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Choosing Ideanote means opting for a platform that not only boosts employee engagement but also unearths valuable ideas, promoting growth, resilience, and cost-saving. Its unique features like fast onboarding, user-friendliness, and customization make it a superior choice for businesses aiming to stay competitive and innovative.