Measure impact

Measure your innovation performance.

Identify top innovators, track your impact, and easily communicate your innovation success with a platform that tracks your performance from day one.

Prove your impact

From an engaged innovation culture to implemented ideas, Ideanote helps you prove your innovation efforts are bearing fruits with inbuilt reports that track your impact from day one.

Celebrate success

Innovation is a team sport — and you'll want to celebrate and appreciate your successes just as much. Ideanote makes it easy to find and share your innovation success stories with your crowd.

Identify talent

Innovation-led growth can uncover hidden innovators across your workforce — the further you reach into your organization the more you'll realize the entrepreneurial genius that was hiding in plain sight.

Track overall performance with workspace insights

Find the top innovators at your company, discover hidden synergies between teams, or win the day by topping the innovation leaderboards yourself. Ideanote is jam-packed with valuable insights to prove the story of your company’s success. Its your inbuilt ideation report template.

Monitor innovation culture with engagement charts

Take the temperature on your latest idea collection or dive into the numbers on global engagement. With a single click, you gain insights into the wins and the challenges of your organization so you can make informed decisions on where to take your innovations next. With a finger directly on the pulse of innovation, you can let neat visual dashboards guide you to success.

Measure success with custom impact tracking

Collect insightful proof of your efforts with cutting-edge tracking and reporting. This way, you optimize your process automatically whenever you copy-paste a winning formula from one project to the next. Ideanote turns your failures into successes and success into even bigger ROI by tracking every step of your innovation journey the way you need it to.

Discover trends with AI and Cluster View

Enjoy the benefits of deep-AI by letting your platform do the work for you. With live trend reports, AI analysis, and topic clustering, you’re always one step ahead. Use these tools to learn what matters most to your customers, forge robust collaborative ties between departments, and jump on the next trend before your competitors.


Everything you need for automatic and manual insights on your innovation.

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