Innovation Challenge Software

Innovation Challenge Software

Launch successful innovation challenges.

Intuitive, scalable platform to launch innovation challenges for your business. Involve customers or employees in solving critical business challenges.

Overall customer satisfaction rating on G2.

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Innovative Brands use Ideanote to solve their business challenges

Giving up on finding a solution means giving up on your company.

Solving an extraordinary challenge means everyone needs to pull the same rope. But how are you going to involve a large crowd in organized, collaborative innovation that leads to results?

Sending an email to everyone and waiting for replies won't do the trick.

Unused Talent

Unused Talent

People are unaware of the problem.

Your company has tons of smart people and engaged customers that would love to work for a better future - but they don't even know about your problem.

Lost Ideas

Lost Ideas

Ideas are being killed.

With individuals voicing input from their perspective and interference from other groups as well as management bureaucracy, ideas die before they bubble up.

Tool Chaos

Tool Chaos

Makeshift solutions create turmoil.

It's tough to organize a constructive process that leaves everyone content and results in actionable solutions. You're going to ruffle feathers and end up with chaos.

Ideanote is an intuitive product that has helped us transform the organizational priority setting process. The customer success team is also exceptional in terms of responsiveness, willingness to work as a partner and providing flexible services.

Lauren Xie
Project Manager & Business Analyst, OMA
Lauren Xie

Challenge your people to innovate.

Source ideas from employees or customers by launching an innovation challenge that focuses people on what matters. Cut through the noise and create the clarity you need across departments, roles, time zones and culture for the solution you are looking for right here and now.

Ideanote is built for sourcing ideas for your strategic initiatives and helps build a more robust innovation culture. Use purpose built Innovation Challenge software helps you call for ideas, collaborate, communicate, and report on responses from your crowd.

Innovation Challenge Software

Unite around a challenging question.

Launch your first innovation challenge in just a few clicks and let the power of the crowd solve your challenge. Add a custom domain like and have people create profiles, contribute ideas and follow along in the success. Ideanote lets you cut through the noise and works for both internal and open innovation challenges.

Custom Domain
Custom Branding
Idea Collections

Engage people in collaborative innovation.

Innovation challenges are not just a form. Give your crowd the full experience by letting them show their support for ideas with likes, add comments and browse the activity feed for inspiration. Want to hide ideas or let people stay anonymous? Add a custom field for terms and conditions? No problem, Ideanote's got you covered.

Activity Feed
Hidden Ideas
Custom Fields
Innovation Challenge Software
Innovation Challenge Software

Measure your innovation challenge results.

Identify winners and valuable ideas with flexible leaderboards, inbuilt reporting and outreach tools that help you communicate your story. Give people ownership, keep them involved and reach out to everyone about the impact so you're ready for the next challenge.

Member Profiles
Real-Time Notifications
.XLSX Export


Forget switching between tons of different apps just to get your work done - use Ideanote's fully integrated Innovation Challenges software.

squares of innovation integrations floating up

Why companies choose Ideanote for their innovation challenges.

Ideanote is the innovation challenge app that lets you source ideas from any crowd, large or small. Get the leading platform with all-in-one functionality for launching and monitoring innovation challenges.

Fewer Tools
Fewer Tools


Get a platform that understands what a truly successful innovation challenge needs and is fully customizable. Ideanote stays easy to use from your first to multiple challenges.

Fewer Tools
Cost Saving

Cancel anytime.

No need to pay a consulting agency for a year. Just sign up and pay month to month. Flat and fair prices. Transparent pricing with no extra fees. Cancel anytime. Free trial available.


Support included.

We're happy to help when it comes to strategic sparring, technical support or setup questions. Ideanote is easy to get started with (just ask our customers) but if you need us we're there.

Ontario Medical Association powers its community locally with Ideanote

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Innovation Challenge Software

"If you look at history, innovation doesn't come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect."

Steven B. Johnson
Author, Where Good Ideas Come From
Steven B. Johnson
Fewer Tools

Innovation Challenge Software

For many companies, the biggest challenge is getting employees and customers to innovate. To encourage innovation, we developed a unique, interactive platform that can be used anywhere and on any device. Innovation challenges are a great way to get your employees or customers to think outside the box, explore new ideas, and come up with innovative solutions. Enterprise companies use our software to launch an manage innovation challenges that scale to 100.000+ people.

The Benefits of Launching an Innovation Challenge

Launching an innovation challenge has many benefits. A common one is the insight it provides to customers and employees. This is especially true for leaders that are eager to gather insights about what their customers or employees really need. Innovation challenges also create a sense of excitement and enthusiasm among employees. They raise confidence by showing employees they're valued and respected, which can lead to increased productivity.

How to Launch an Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenges are usually used to get employees to think about ways to improve their current work. However, they can also be used for other purposes, such as understanding customer needs or improving customer service. To set up an Innovation Challenge, you need to identify the area that needs improvement, describe the challenge in detail, and then give specific instructions on how to submit entries. This approach will encourage your employees or customers to think creatively when coming up with solutions for the problem. Companies which engage their customers and employees with innovation challenges were more innovative and had higher-than-average customer satisfaction.

With Ideanote you can launch innovation challenges easily and customize everything from the submission form to the look and feel as well as automate feedback loops for incoming ideas. Identify the best solutions faster with precise evaluation functionality and keep engagement high with a transparent, structured and collaborative process and headboards.

Companies should tap into what their customers and employees want and need. Companies and their leaders will need to adopt a new way of thinking and leading if they want to continue to exist. They can start by asking themselves: What do we offer that is truly valuable? What needs are we fulfilling? How can we better understand our customer or employee's needs?

Engage more people in your innovation challenge.

Businesses of every size — from new startups to enterprise — use Ideanote to launch innovation challenges, engage their people and find critical solutions for their business.

  • Solve strategic challenges.
  • Innovate at scale with fast results.
  • Report on impact and success stories.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Innovation Challenge Software?

Innovation Challenge Software allows any organization to launch a contest or challenge. It includes everything from options for the type of competition, to how many teams can compete, to sponsorship options and prizes. Innovation challenges let you share a core business challenge with your employees or customers and motivates them to submit solutions with all the context in place to understand the challenge.

How can I turn a problem into an innovation challenge?

Turning problems into innovation challenges is a good way for managers to come up with solutions. Let’s take a look at how it works.

The first step to solving any problem is to ask yourself, "does this need a solution?" The more educated you are about the problem, the easier it will be to solve. For example, identifying that we're not selling enough of our products might lead you to better marketing strategies or changing what's being sold or how it's being sold for better results. Write down why it needs a solution and then some of the reasons why the problem has occurred in the first place. Follow up by considering how urgent this problem is and how other actors in the market approach the problem.

Then take the learning to formulate an innovation challenge question based on where you understand the core of the problem lies and which main stakeholders, what technology or area of the company you might expect a solution from and who would benefit from it.

How to formulate a good question for an innovation challenge?

With a good challenge question, you shouldn't be too focused on a specific solution to the problem. You want your statement to be as broad as possible, not focusing on a specific method or approach. It helps to center the question around the goal or the people benefiting from the solution you are looking for. Make the question specific enough to keep people focused on the problem at hand while keeping it open enough to allow for creative solutions that you wouldn't even expect. For example How might we [help homeowners] by using [new technologies] to [reduce their energy use]?

It is also a good idea to follow up your innovation challenge question with some context to tell the necessary stakeholders why it is important and what can happen if nothing is done.

How do I get started?

Create a free workspace to get started. We'll ask you for a few basic details. Then you're in.

Can I trial Ideanote before paying?

Sure! Start your trial here. You can test out our paid plans for free for up to 5 days, no credit card required. After that you can continue to use the free plan or contact us to extend your trial.

How can Ideanote be so affordable?

Really simple; our mission is to make ideas matter everywhere and not just for companies with large budgets. Ideanote is a product company servicing customers of all sizes and all industries across languages around the world.

The size of our market allows us to charge less per customer, thereby making the tools of innovation available to everyone.

Does Ideanote integrate with other apps?

Yes, Ideanote integrates with 1000+ other tools. Browse the Ideanote integration marketplace for inspiration.

What kind of support does Ideanote provide?

We offer fast email and chat support for paid accounts and prioritized help for Business and Enterprise customers, as defined in our Service Level Agreement. The Help Center is available for free on any plan.

Can Ideanote handle large volumes of traffic?

Yes. Ideanote workspaces scale automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits. All plans benefit from top-of-the-line Google Cloud page speeds - letting your people load and submit ideas without delays.