Effortless and Secure User Authentication

Experience the ease of access with robust security tailored to fit everything from small businesses to open innovation, and multinational organizations.

Benefit from Seamless and Secure Access

Fast and Secure

Ideanote's diverse authentication methods, ensure a seamless yet secure login experience. Enjoy the simplicity of one-click access without compromising on security.

Flexible Options

Whether it's the robustness of Azure AD and ADFS or the flexibility of OpenID Connect and JWT, Ideanote offers a broad spectrum of authentication choices. Tailor your authentication to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Easy Setup

Integrate effortlessly with a range of platforms including. Ideanote's adaptable authentication system fits smoothly into your existing ecosystem, offering a unified experience for all users.

Google OAuth

Google powered innovation.

Use your existing Google G-Suite or Google Workspace accounts to log in to your innovation platform.

JWT Authentication

Automatic Log in for your applications.

Use JSON Web Token (JWT) in custom apps to log people in to Ideanote, for example via a Sharepoint intranet link.

Remove Barriers of Entry for Innovation

In the digital age, balancing ease of access with security is vital. Ideanote masters this balance by offering a variety of authentication methods that cater to every organizational need. Whether you prefer the convenience of SAML Single Sign-On or the adaptability of OAuth, Ideanote has the solution.

No More Password Hassles

Forget the frustration of forgotten passwords. With Ideanote, access is as simple as it is secure. This not only streamlines the user experience but also enhances engagement by removing barriers to participation.

Ideanote's commitment to providing a range of authentication options underscores its dedication to user convenience and security. Choose the method that best suits your team or organization and enjoy a hassle-free, secure login experience.

Tailored Access for Diverse Needs

Ideanote empowers you to grant access according to your organizational structure and needs. Whether it's through ADFS, Azure AD, SAML SSO, or more, you have the control to provide secure access tailored to your audience. With Ideanote, you're not confined to traditional login methods. Embrace the flexibility of OAuth, OpenID Connect, and JWT for a more dynamic and inclusive user experience.

Wordpress Integration and More

Extend Ideanote’s capabilities by integrating with Wordpress and other platforms. This seamless integration ensures a consistent user experience across your digital landscape.

Without Signup

Ideanote's 'Without Signup' feature enables swift participation in idea generation. Embed the Ideanote Widget in your workspace, and allow users to contribute ideas without the need for signing up. It’s innovation made more accessible.

Your Gateway to Engaged Innovation

Ideanote's flexible authentication options not only safeguard your digital space but also encourage wider participation. By simplifying access while maintaining high security standards, Ideanote ensures that every voice in your organization can contribute to innovation effortlessly and securely.

Enable Your Employees to Innovate Securely

Questions and Answers

Does Ideanote support SSO or AD?

SSO allows companies to manage all users in single overview. With a single SSO, companies have one less place to worry about as it centralizes the users into an application that cuts down on the app management needs. Ideanote supports a range of Single Sign-On providers and technologies including SAML 2.0, Azure ADFS, JWT and more.

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