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Benefit from a fully customizable innovation platform

Seamless Brand Integration

Ideanote empowers you to fully customize the look and feel of your innovation platform, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. From adjusting the primary, secondary, and accent colors to selecting the perfect fonts, Ideanote makes your brand stand out in every detail.

Unlimited Customization Possibilities

With the ability to set custom domains, personalize UI elements, and even inject custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, Ideanote offers unparalleled flexibility. Tailor every aspect of your innovation platform to meet your brand's unique needs and preferences.

Enhanced Engagement and Ownership

Ideanote's customization features foster a sense of belonging and engagement among team members. By creating a branded innovation space, you not only boost participation in idea generation but also ensure that every innovation feels like a natural extension of your company culture.

Custom Domain

Your hub for ideas.

Why not create a home for ideas at - with Ideanote a custom domain is just a few clicks away.

Custom Fonts

Your brand. Your font.

Customize your workspace to fit your brand with a selection of 1000+ Google Fonts, from playful to toned down.

Stop losing valuable ideas.
Collect them like a pro.

Ideanote allows you to build a home for all ideas across your departments and your value chain.

Get a Seamless Branded Workspace for Innovation

In the fast-paced world of business innovation, companies are constantly seeking tools that not only streamline the ideation process but also seamlessly integrate with their brand identity. Ideanote stands out as a leading innovation and idea management software, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options. This article explores how Ideanote empowers organizations to foster a culture of innovation while maintaining a strong brand presence.

Why Branding Matters in Innovation Management

Branding is more than just a logo or color scheme; it's a reflection of a company's identity, values, and vision. In the context of innovation management, a branded platform like Ideanote not only enhances user engagement but also reinforces the company's commitment to innovation as a core value. Ideanote's customizable features ensure that every aspect of the innovation process is imbued with the company's brand, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for all participants.

Customizable Themes and Visuals

Ideanote's theme customization goes beyond basic aesthetics, offering the ability to adjust primary, secondary, error, and success colors, as well as font choices, sizes, spacings, and weights. This flexibility ensures that the platform can match any brand's visual identity precisely. Whether your brand favors a sleek, minimalist look or a playful, rounded aesthetic, Ideanote's customization options can accommodate.

Tailored Domain and User Experience

Set up your custom branded domain in seconds.

The platform allows for the setup of a custom domain, making it possible for companies to host their innovation hub on a familiar, branded URL. This feature is invaluable for maintaining brand consistency and trust, especially when inviting participation from outside the organization.

Additionally, Ideanote's ability to remove its own branding on paid plans means the spotlight remains firmly on your company's logo and identity throughout the user interface and communications.

Engaging and Branded Content

Ideanote extends its customization capabilities to the content and structure of the innovation platform. Custom cover images, workspace names, and the arrangement of sections allow for a tailored experience that can align with a company's structure, strategic goals, or departmental needs. The platform also supports the creation of branded templates and idea collections, complete with custom images, icons, and even videos, ensuring that every touchpoint speaks in your brand's voice.

Advanced Customization with Custom Code

For organizations with specific needs or visions, Ideanote offers the option to implement custom HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code. This advanced customization can introduce unique elements like pop-ups, chatbots, or specific color adjustments, providing a solution for virtually any branding requirement.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive customization options, and robust support for branding, Ideanote empowers businesses of all sizes—from large international corporations to small consultancies—to cultivate a vibrant culture of innovation.

By choosing Ideanote, companies can ensure that their innovation platform is not just a tool for idea management, but a central part of their brand's ecosystem, engaging employees and stakeholders alike in the pursuit of groundbreaking ideas.

Your Innovation, Your Brand

Questions and Answers

Can we change the look and feel of the application including colors, fonts, branding, e.g. through CSS?
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Yes, you can change the look and feel of the platform with customizable branding settings for the logo, colors, fonts and other design element options like outline and corner rounding. All Google Fonts are available for free as part of the platform. You can choose to customize the subdomain by adding a custom domain like It is also possible to remove Ideanote logo and branding from the platform and emails. You can also add custom JS and CSS code on top of these inbuilt appearance options to change the look and feel even more.

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