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Stop innovating like it's 1995. Free up valuable time for your team with automation workflows right inside Ideanote.

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Automate Repetitive Tasks

Ideanote Automations do the busywork and create consistent processes so that your team can focus on what matters.

Eliminate Human Error

Implement clear SOPs across your team without breaking a sweat. Automatically move ideas based on conditions.

Save Valuable Time

Automatic triggers and reminders and you can save hours and time you can use to grow your business instead.

Bulk Actions

Save hours managing ideas.

Ideanote comes with powerful bulk actions. No need to do it one at a time — select many at once and move, delete or update many at once.


Say hello to automated innovation.

Innovation in the future will run on the train tracks of automation. Set up and run automated workflows to accelerate your innovation.

Empower Your Innovation with Smart Automation

In the cutthroat world of business today, automation isn't just a fancy add-on. It's a lifeline. And that's where Ideanote steps in, with its savvy, trigger-happy integrations that pare down human error and crank up efficiency. 🚀

But hold up, Ideanote's magic doesn't stop at being merely handy. It morphs the way you manage ideas – from the spark of inception to the final rollout. It’s not just another software; it’s your shortcut to streamlined innovation.✨

So, if you're still wrangling ideas old-school style or struggling with clunky processes, it's time for a game-changing shift. Whether you're knee-deep in tech or running a bustling startup, centralizing idea management with Ideanote is a no-brainer.

Accelerate Innovation Custom Workflows

Automation is a key feature of Ideanote, designed to enhance your innovation management. What sets it apart is its trigger-action based system, akin to Zapier. This means that certain actions or events (triggers) within the platform can automatically initiate other actions.

For instance, when a new idea is submitted (trigger), an automated workflow could be set to notify specific team members (action). This not only accelerates processes but also ensures they are executed precisely and efficiently.

Not just that. These automations are accessible directly within the platform. You don't need third-party applications or complex coding knowledge to set them up. It's a true no-code innovation platform.

By enabling you to customize these automations according to your team's unique dynamics and business processes, Ideanote allows you to work smarter and in a way that's uniquely yours. As automation becomes increasingly integral to future innovation, Ideanote offers advanced filtering capabilities, ensuring you're automating the right processes aligned with your strategic goals.

In short, Ideanote's automation capabilities empower you to revolutionize your approach to idea management, driving efficient and impactful innovation.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Ideanote isn’t just powerful; it’s personalized. Tailor your automations to fit the unique dynamics of your team and business processes. It’s not just about working smarter; it’s about working in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Innovation in the future will run on the train tracks of automation. Set up and run automated workflows to accelerate your innovation.

Advanced Filtering for Focused Actions

Ideanote’s advanced filtering capabilities ensure that you're not just automating processes, but you're automating the right processes. This precision in automation aligns perfectly with your strategic goals, making every action count - and saving valuable time that you can use to make more ideas matter.

Automate Your Innovation Process Today

Questions and Answers

Can I move ideas to the next phase automatically?

Absolutely! Ideanote offers robust automation features that allow you to send, receive, manage, and track ideas with minimal manual intervention. You can set up an automation based on a delay or other triggers and check on conditions, e.g. the number of likes, and depending on those conditions, move the idea to another Phase or anoter Idea Collection.

Is it possible to customize notifications and alerts in Ideanote via automations?

Absolutely. Ideanote lets you set up custom notification automation workflows. You can tailor alerts and messages to suit your specific needs, ensuring that team members and stakeholders are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the innovation process. These customizations can range from thanking idea submitters to notifying evaluators about new ideas ready for review.

Can I route ideas based on their content?

Yes, you can route ideas based on their content in Ideanote. This feature is part of Ideanote's advanced automation capabilities, enabling you to streamline the idea management process according to specific content criteria.

Here’s how it works:

  • Content-Based Filtering: Ideanote allows you to set up filters that automatically categorize and route ideas based on keywords, themes, or specific content parameters. This means ideas containing certain words or meeting specific criteria can be automatically directed to the appropriate department, team, or phase in the innovation process.
  • Custom Workflows: You can create custom workflows that respond to the content of submitted ideas. For example, an idea related to 'product development' could be automatically routed to the product team, while a 'marketing' idea goes directly to the marketing department.
  • Trigger-Based Actions: Triggers can be set up in Ideanote so that when an idea meets certain content criteria, specific actions are automatically taken, such as notifying relevant team members, moving the idea to a specific stage of evaluation, or tagging it for further review.

This content-based routing significantly enhances the efficiency of the idea management process, ensuring that ideas are quickly and effectively directed to the right people or teams, thereby accelerating the innovation cycle.

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