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Microsoft Teams

Connect Teams channels with this Ideanote integration.


Microsoft Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Easily monitor your innovation performance right within Teams

How to Connect

Developed by Ideanote

Ideanote - Idea Management for Teams

Collect, develop and manage ideas with goal-driven innovation.

With Ideanote you can engage your people in innovation and efficiently manage ideas right inside Teams.

Collect, develop and prioritize ideas with a powerful platform that offers the structure and process you need to innovate faster and more effectively. Thoughtworks, Stanford and 2.000+ other businesses of all sizes - from small teams to Enterprises - use Ideanote to make ideas matter. 

Built for Teams

Ideanote for Microsoft Teams integration is built in collaboration with Microsoft.

Ideanote is designed to fully function inside Microsoft Teams, no separate accounts required. All features available.

Easy Setup

  1. Add Ideanote to the Sidebar
  2. Click "Connect Ideanote with Microsoft Teams" on behalf of all tenant users
  3. Login to your Ideanote workspace as an admin or create a new workspace.
  4. Add Ideanote to Channels, Tabs where you work with ideas.

Trial Available, Unpaid Plan Available, Support Included

Use Cases

  • Idea Campaigns - launch idea challenges on specific topics.
  • Idea Management - collect, develop, evaluate and track ideas.
  • Employee Engagement - engage employees in shaping the future of your business and make them feel part of something bigger.
  • Continuous Improvement - use Ideanote for lean, agile or kaizen workflows that let you spot and implement incremental improvements,
  • Brainstorming - real-time ideation during meetings, video calls or asynchronous with remote teams.
  • Open Innovation - involve customers, partners or external stakeholders in submitting solutions.
  • Innovation Management - manage your innovation portfolio with advanced ROI analytics.

How it works: 

  1. Create an idea collection for example on “Cost Saving”. 
  2. Invite people or groups to submit ideas, comment, vote and more.
  3. See ideas flowing in and the best ideas bubbling to the top.
  4. Implement ideas and track your impact.
  5. Add automations and integrations to save time.


  • Idea Collections
  • Custom Idea Form Fields
  • Search, Sort and Filter Ideas
  • Share, Like, Comment, Rate, Assign, Review
  • Innovation Funnel
  • Drag & Drop Kanban
  • Custom Views incl. List View
  • Bulk Actions
  • Hidden Ideas & Activities
  • Anonymous Ideas
  • Tags and Mentions
  • Status Labels
  • Video Upload and Attachments
  • Access, Permissions and Roles
  • User Groups
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Works on Mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Custom Evaluation and Prioritization
  • Leaderboard and Gamification
  • Insights, Trends and ROI Analytics
  • XLSX. Exports
  • 100+ Integrations
  • Automations
  • Translation of Ideas
  • Idea Linking
  • Visual Idea Cluster
  • AI Duplicate Detection across Languages
  • AI Suggestions and Idea Generation
  • Custom Branding 
  • Custom Fonts and Colors, Domain
  • SSO Single Sign-On
  • Microsoft Power Automate

Languages and Benefits

Available in Spanish(captura de ideas), French (recueillir des idées), German (ideen sammeln), Italian (raccogliere idee), Portuguese (coletar ideias), Dutch (ideeën verzamelen), Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Simplified Chinese.

Use by Teams, Early Stage, Startups, Mid-Market and Enterprise in Leadership, Customer Success, Sales, Consulting, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Education and more. 

Companies use Ideanote to identify challenges, reduce costs, invent products, achieve strategic goals, stay resilient in times of crisis, master digital transformation and lead with a better customer experience.

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