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Are anonymous idea submissions really anonymous?

Are anonymous idea submissions really anonymous?

Ideanote believes anonymity should be clear and consistent for users. Ideanote offers three levels of anonymity on the platform.

  • Visible Ownership - where the full name is visible to everyone who can see the idea.
  • Partly Anonymous Ownership - where the full name is visible for people with editing rights to the idea collection, including admins.
  • Fully Anonymous Ownership - where not even admins can see that you submitted an idea.

Fully Anonymous Ownership hides your name for other people from anywhere in the user interface including lists, statistics, integrations, notifications and exports. While anonymous ideas are also not counted in statistics and not shown on your profile, it might still be possible to identify or approximate an idea submitter identity via metadata like the location of a user, custom JavaScript code added to the platform by the administrator or process loopholes like only letting one person submit an idea at a time while knowing who a link was sent to.

Ideanote is also forced to provide a "data dump" export of all data on a workspace on request by the Workspace Owner for compliance reasons. While these requests are rate, the data might contain ways to uncover anonymity. Ideanote does not reveal the identity of anonymous ideas on request. In cases of suspected gross negligence Ideanote reserves the right to send notifications to users suspected to be victims of a breach of their anonymity.

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