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What is intrapreneurship and how does it differ from entrepreneurship?

What is intrapreneurship and how does it differ from entrepreneurship?

Intrapreneurship refers to the practice of adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and approach within an established organization. Intrapreneurs, much like entrepreneurs, innovate, drive new ideas, and take the initiative to transform these ideas into profitable ventures. However, unlike entrepreneurs who create and build their businesses from scratch with associated risks and uncertainties, intrapreneurs operate within the safety of an existing company's framework. They leverage the company's resources, brand, and customer base to develop new products, services, or processes.

The key difference lies in the environment and the associated risk. Entrepreneurship involves setting up new enterprises and dealing with high levels of risk outside of an organizational structure. In contrast, intrapreneurship software supports individuals in innovating within the boundaries of an existing organization, where the risks are shared and mitigated by the company's established position in the market. This nurturing environment can make it easier for intrapreneurs to experiment and innovate without the stress of bearing all the responsibility on their own shoulders.

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