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Does Ideanote keep customer information after termination?

Does Ideanote keep customer information after termination?

Wondering what happens to your data after cancellation?

Customer data is retained for as long as the account is in "active" status. Ideanote allows customers to export partial data as XLSX or all their raw data at any time in the industry-standard JSON format with a written request from the customer. Customer data can be deleted upon request at termination or will be deleted in accordance with Ideanote's internal data retention policies.

Data enters an “expired” status when the account is voluntarily closed or when the account has been inactive for an extended period of time (more than a year). It might also be marked as "expired" when the customer has been suspended e.g. for outstanding payments.

"Expired" data is deleted after a warning period of 3 days for voluntarily closed accounts and 30 days for inactive or suspended accounts (except when required by law to retain).

Expired account data will be retained in the form of backups for the retention period of backups. After this period, the account and related data will no longer be accessible. Customers that wish to voluntarily close their account should download their data manually or via the API prior to closing their account.

If a customer wishes to manually backup their data via the interface in a suspended account, then they might need to ensure that their account is brought back to good standing so that the user interface will be available for their use.

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