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What is a Kaizen board?

What is a Kaizen board?

A Kaizen board is a representation of this process of continuous improvement which begins with identifying problems within your production system. Using a Kaizen board as a visual tool to represent teamwork is an efficient way for teams and organizations to make continuous improvements.

Kaizen Boards are different than normal Kanban or Scrum boards. Kaizen boards help teams by providing visual improvements that teach them qualities of Kaizen like expanding on small successes and identifying any ongoing problems.

newly introduced Kaizen board might be exactly what you need. Inspired people want to make changes but can't seem to keep up the fast-pace. The more meetings are held, the more excited everyone feels - leading to no true change. The success of projects stagnates. Kaizen boards capture improvement suggestions into visuals that lead you through implementing them systematically making change simpler and less complicated.

Kaizen boards turn good ideas into actionable cards and can help you to turn your good ideas into a reality if the board is prioritized by the team collaboratively at the same time as any other work.