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How can I turn a problem into an innovation challenge?

How can I turn a problem into an innovation challenge?

Turning problems into innovation challenges is a good way for managers to come up with solutions. Let’s take a look at how it works.

The first step to solving any problem is to ask yourself, "does this need a solution?" The more educated you are about the problem, the easier it will be to solve. For example, identifying that we're not selling enough of our products might lead you to better marketing strategies or changing what's being sold or how it's being sold for better results. Write down why it needs a solution and then some of the reasons why the problem has occurred in the first place. Follow up by considering how urgent this problem is and how other actors in the market approach the problem.

Then take the learning to formulate an innovation challenge question based on where you understand the core of the problem lies and which main stakeholders, what technology or area of the company you might expect a solution from and who would benefit from it.

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