What are examples of continuous improvements?

Continuous improvement is an idea that has been embraced by many businesses, and it's easy to see why. This approach to management is based on the idea that all work should be done in a way that constantly strives for improvement. Shifting from traditional methods of improvement to an effective continuous improvement strategy could save your company nearly double digit percentage improvements annually in cost reduction or efficiency.

"45% reduction in cycle time, 28 % reduction in labor costs, 60% reduction in time lost due to anomalies, 24% reduction in Non-Conformances and an increase in 89% of efficiency rate."

Boeing, Continuous Improvement Case Study

BridgeLoan, 40% of the loan applications have been executed faster since adapted Kaizen.

3M, Saved approximately $30 million per year by changing their waste reuse processes with SixSigma.

Kahiki Foods, reduced wasted resources by ~70% in six months with Value Stream Mapping.

Merchants Insurance Group, improved on time project delivery to 80% and 758% in revenue growth with BPM.

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