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AI Cover Images and Improved Filters

AI Cover Images and Improved Filters

AI Cover Images and Improved Filters
  • Account owners can now schedule workspace deletions.
  • You can now filter ideas inside idea filters based on form entry fields.
  • Cover images for Idea Collections are not AI-generated when using the 'Standard' template.
  • Image attachments on generated AI ideas are now AI generated.
  • Sorting the Teams column is now possible within the Members overview.
  • Number of Comments, Number of Ratings, and Number of Form Entries filters now allow specifying the phase.
  • Idea Collection Access filters now include the option to filter based on user contribution to a specific phase.
  • Improved German translations.
  • Rounding of UI elements has been refined.
  • User experience enhancements to creating new idea fields.
  • Fixed an issue where operators could be ignored on Member idea fields.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect cloning of View Accesses for Templates.
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic bindings referencing idea fields were not replaced correctly inside Templates.
  • When changing the category on an automation action, the accordion menu will now remain open.
  • The simple idea collection filter now displays only relevant sections to the user.
  • Automation triggering based on an idea meeting its Review threshold is now possible.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements for filters and automations.
  • Fixed an issue where rating icons could appear too small.
  • Shareable links from the Microsoft Teams application now deep link into the Teams application.
  • Improved dark and high contrast mode.
  • Cards and toasts now have a more prominent display.
  • Increased the number of automations loaded at a time in automation settings.
  • Hovering over the status chip at the bottom of idea cards now reveals the full status of an idea.
  • When changing the idea status, the existing status is shown inside the dialog if it is of the same kind.
  • User experience improvements to the Add Idea Collection flow.
  • When navigating back from an empty idea collection, users are now prompted to either keep or delete it.
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