August 2023

New Idea Collection View: Embed View

New Idea Collection View: Embed View
  • We've added a new view for your idea collections: Embed View. With the embed view it's now possible to embed a specific URL directly into the view of your idea collection.
  • It's now possible to assign an entire team in the act phase
  • Added option to select multiple members when setting up a "Select member" form field
  • It's now possible to export ideas created by a specific user from user profile page
  • Fixed problems where activity actions weren't shown when "summaries" were hidden for a given phase
  • It's now possible to choose between more statuses when the last reviewer selects a status in the review phase
  • AI now generates longer content
  • Fixed problem where searching in some dropdown fields wouldn't correctly filter the entries
  • You can now submit multi-line text-fields with CTRL + Enter in the idea widget
  • Fixed flag icons in Custom Translations Variables.
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements


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