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Google Cloud Armor and auto-archive Rejected Ideas

Google Cloud Armor and auto-archive Rejected Ideas

Google Cloud Armor and auto-archive Rejected Ideas
  • Links in idea now properly support all queries
  • Ideas a now archived if the reach the reject threshold in the review phase
  • Widget links are now generated with 10 hash characters
  • Long toast messages now breaks line properly
  • Fixed issue where translation keys sometimes would show if the connection was poor
  • Fixed issue where cluster chart would reload when selecting an idea
  • Fixed issue where dates couldn't be selected in Safari
  • Added clickable arrows for horizontal scroll in column view
  • Speed performance improvements when loading teams
  • Fixed issue where JWT token wouldn't show properly when trying to edit it
  • Long names for rating criteria now breaks properly
  • Emails now show up in the share mission dialog for admins and workspace owners
  • It is now possible to disable sign in methods in the access page
  • Added Google Cloud Armor for better DDOS protection
  • The time is now visible in the mission deadline before editing
  • Bugfixes and quality of life improvements
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