September 2021

Team Pagination and CDN

Team Pagination and CDN
  • Teams now paginate in settings and the mission overview to allow for an unlimited amount of teams
  • Added a toast notifying users about scheduled maintenance in advance
  • During scheduled maintenance we now show a page that describes what changes we are making and when we expect to be done
  • Fixed alignment of custom dropdown fields in idea templates
  • Static resources are now served through a CDN to increase load speed
  • Fixed issue where changing cover image in branding sometimes would reset the title
  • Added more automatic OWASP security policies
  • Stability and speed improvements to our API
  • Fixed issue where change rank for some languages would be blank
  • Fixed issue where change anonymity mode for some languages would be blank
  • When opening a linked idea you should no longer see to dialogs with the same idea
  • The reorder phase button in columns view now works as expected
  • Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements


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