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Better Printing and Emails

Better Printing and Emails

Better Printing and Emails
  • Insights tabs are now translated to the user language instead of the workspace language
  • All columns are now sortable in the list view of ideas
  • The selected filter is now properly applied when exporting teams
  • Changed wording on the save button in all dialogs
  • A large part of our infrastructure has been upgraded to make our webapp even faster than before
  • Fixed issue where the status selector would appear with a wrong height on smaller screens
  • Avatars now have a transparent background
  • Added fair usage checks on trial and free workspaces
  • Fixed scroll problems when printing the webapp
  • Improved layout when a mission doesn't have any views
  • Fixed issue where AI-generated ideas would sometimes have a space character in the beginning of the idea
  • Fixed an issue where SAML login would not work in some specific browsers
  • Fixed an issue where people logging in with Google would sometimes not have a profile picture
  • The highlight color is now respected on the custom domain page
  • Admins are now allowed to see redeemed offers
  • Fixed an issue where the create mission button would now be shown in the app bar if not arriving from the home page
  • All emails have been redesigned - we hope you like them!
  • All user generated content is now properly sanitised in emails
  • UI and performance improvements
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