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Enhanced Section Ownership Control

Enhanced Section Ownership Control

Enhanced Section Ownership Control
  • It's now possible to add section owners to sections. Workspace Owners and Admins can add and rearrange Idea Collections created by or shared with them across all Sections. Additionally, any Member you add as a Section Owner can add and manage Idea Collections created by or shared with them for that specific Section. In general, Members see Sections containing Idea Collections that are shared with them.
  • Contextually relevant social link previews will now be shown when sharing an idea collection through a shareable link.
  • Added an exit survey for workspace deletion.
  • Updated Chinese and Vietnamese translations.
  • Magazine view now works for mobile users.
  • Moved icon selection into the edit dialog for sections.
  • Hid advanced settings for widgets.
  • Fixed an issue with the anonymous option missing from the drop-down selection when submitting ideas within the MS Team app.
  • Addressed the internal server error on all idea exports.
  • Fixed the action/filter dropdown to show specific phase icons instead of general phase-type icons.
  • Addressed an issue where user stats wouldn't be shown in all circumstances.
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