July 2021

Easier Rank Changes

Easier Rank Changes
  • Added a submenu when changing ranks in the people overview
  • Fixed issue where emails sometimes wouldn't be received
  • Fixed issue where the icon in view tabs would collapse in Safari
  • The titles of views are now being capped to 50 characters
  • More padding has been added to the anonymous avatars
  • When opening help center on mobile it now opens in a new window
  • When having access to the idea owner, hovering over the avatar of an idea will now show a warning that explains why the user can see the owner
  • Added support for anonymity to Zapier triggers and actions
  • Changed the during of instant to mean within 5 minutes (before it meant within 15 minutes)
  • Fixed issue where the font weight would sometimes not show correctly when customising the space
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


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