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New Automations

New Automations

New Automations
  • Added explanation to all datatypes when setting up automations
  • Added create idea automation actions
  • Added change idea status automation actions
  • Improved experience when using dynamic bindings inside automations and added support for using idea content
  • It is now possible to sort missions by the amount of ideas in a mission
  • Changed ordering of idea options when clicking the “…” button
  • Added right and left arrows to list views to make scrolling horizontally easier
  • Updated some old icons to match the new ones
  • Removed some weird characters in the delete mission warning
  • New lines in lists are now collapsed in list to assure a unified row height
  • When deleting idea fields we now show a warning message
  • Changed background color of the magazine view to have less color
  • Fixed an issue where feature limit walls would sometimes not show
  • Fixed an issue where some media items was not loaded before printing in magazine view
  • Fixed an issue where when clicking “reset password” the user would be logged out from existing sessions
  • Terms are now shown earlier during SSO signup
  • Added support for setting bio through SAML
  • Fixed an issue where field options dropdowns would not close when opening another dropdown
  • The cluster view can now be resized without the circles getting deformed
  • The icon in view notices is now aligned to the top instead of the center
  • Added bio when hovering over user images
  • Minor bug fixed and UI improvements
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