April 2021

File Upload Progress Bar and more Languages

File Upload Progress Bar and more Languages
  • Uploading files from Internet Explorer 11 is now more performant.
  • On Safari we now show all attachments on cards when many are added.
  • When uploading files we now always show the correct progress percentage.
  • Events sent through the Google Analytics integration has been cleaned up.
  • Fixed missing images in the intergrations page.
  • The enter tab icons are now hidden in the widget when on mobile.
  • Padding has been decreased in the widget when on mobile.
  • The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations now support more versions.
  • The Google Analytics and Google Tag Manger integrations are now supported on the widget.
  • When we update the widget, the upgrade experience is now more seamless than ever and users should not notice when new versions are released.
  • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases, the email login link would not work.
  • Attachments on the platform such as uploading a logo or cover image now only allow selecting images.
  • Fixed an issue where the preview of a video attachment would not show in Safari.
  • When hiding and showing columns in the list view, the dropdown does no longer close.
  • When clicking on a list view row the corresponding idea now opens.
  • Custom views dropdown now correctly collapses when the filter sidebar opens.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty state sometimes would show before ideas had finished loading.
  • Added better internal error tracking and uptime monitoring.
  • Italian, Dutch and French translations have been improved.
  • Turkish language support has been added.


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