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Clearer Feed

Clearer Feed

Clearer Feed
  • Update activities in idea list to reflect new activity layout
  • The "needs action" filter in missions is now based on the logged in user instead of the one who set the filter up
  • Update idea mission activities are now more stable
  • The activity count in ideas now properly updates when adding new activities
  • Fixed issue where mission anonymity options sometimes wouldn't show when editing missions
  • Updated the move to mission dialog to include filters
  • Increased queue time for activities to allow for a smoother experience with high server load
  • Disabled users now visually change in the list of users to make it easier to see at a glance who is disabled
  • Increased the speed of which activities arrives to work without a web socket connection
  • Made UI in feed more clear
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes affect the average rating filter
  • Added max width to the comment summary dropdown
  • Fixed issue where the team selector in the invitation dialog would sometimes not spawn at the correct location
  • Mobile optimizations
  • Added teams a filter section in the mission details filter
  • Personal message is now a limit that requires a paid subscription
  • Fixed minors bugs and made performance improvements

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