August 2021

Logo Size and Custom Background Colors

Logo Size and Custom Background Colors
  • Made logo in app bar slightly larger
  • The logo in the app bar is now visible on more screensizes
  • An info box is now shown in insights when no data is available
  • The load more button now loads 6 ideas instead of 5
  • Office file attachments now render correctly when uploaded in the submit idea flow
  • Improved translations
  • When a new update is available a toast will now appear to show the new version before updating
  • It is now possible to customise the background color of the full page widget
  • The confetti shown in widget now uses the colors of the workspace theme
  • Invoices through email are no longer sent if the workspace requests manual invoices
  • Fixed issue where customers on the Appsumo plan didn't have access to anonymous ideas
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


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