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Easier Mission Editing

Easier Mission Editing

Easier Mission Editing
  • It is now possible for all paying customers to create community templates
  • The UI of creating a new mission has been simplified
  • The edit mission flow has been improved
  • It is now possible to create missions using AI
  • Filters as now shown visually different with an outline when they are active
  • Adding new phases is now much more simpler through a dropdown
  • It is possible to set session timeout in on the workspace security page
  • Phases now have new colorful default icons
  • When rating an idea it is now possible to skip ratings
  • Mission editors can now edit missions inline
  • New emojis has been added to the openmoji iconset
  • It is now possible to sort missions and ideas based on the amount of views
  • It is possible to end a mission in the advanced tab when editing a mission
  • Fixed an issue in onboarding that made it hard to edit the subdomain
  • Many languages has been updated
  • When previewing a template it is now much more clear that it is a template
  • Fixed an issue where the "see more" button when editing the plan
  • Loading ratings is now more speedy than ever
  • Fixed an issue where the icon picker would sometimes not show
  • When creating new mission templates that chip list no longer shows as an error
  • Fixed an issue where setting the anonymity mode would reset the anonymity degree
  • Fixed an issue where drag and drop on the missions page would not work as intended when collapsing the teams
  • Fixed an issue where the filter sometimes would show with a red outline
  • Fixed an issue when navigating between the list view and other views would show as having unsaved changes
  • Added a warning when trying to publish a community mission template
  • Fixed an issue where the phase kind filter would not work in some cases
  • The media upload message has been removed when the image is small
  • Fixed an issue where the load more would disappear in home after searching
  • It is now possible to also link to replies
  • When selecting random sort the sorting option is now always shown as active after reloading
  • We now allow all valid characters in email addresses
  • The phase colors are now only used on the action card
  • Fixed an issue where load more in mission details would sometimes load too much
  • Added better column wrapping in the teams columns in people settings
  • Our create mission AI has been upgraded
  • The mission template preview screenshot is now properly shown without an edit button
  • Minutes in insights has been capped to two digits
  • Minor UI and performance improvements
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