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Inbox View, Nested Teams, Data Retention and SCIM

Inbox View, Nested Teams, Data Retention and SCIM

Inbox View, Nested Teams, Data Retention and SCIM
  • New Inbox view: A good way to get an overview of new ideas in your idea collections.
  • Nested Teams: You can now create subteams of other teams. This makes it easier for you to match the hierarchy of your organization and to set up access to your idea collections.
  • Complete overhaul of team settings: You can now drag and drop the relative order of teams, as well as drag and drop them in and out of each other to assign/unassign subteams.
  • SCIM Integration: Ideanote now fully supports SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), an open standard that allows for the automation of user provisioning between software systems, such as between your IT-infrastructure and the Ideanote platform. It enables you to create, update, disable, and delete users and teams from within your own system, such as from a Microsoft Entra ID/Azure AD application you’ve set up internally for usage with Ideanote.
  • Data Retention Settings: You can now customize how user-generated content is handled when users are deleted. You can either delete content (the current behavior), preserve it, but dissociate it from the deleted user, or reassign the content to a new user.
  • New Accessibility setting: Zoom level. You can now apply a scaling factor to the overall sizing of text and UI elements on the Ideanote platform to improve legibility.
  • Improved the experience of typing in several text fields that continuously auto-save changes where the user's input would often be lost while typing and replaced by an old response from the server
  • Improved error handling when AI suggestions fail due to unsafe content
  • You can now list ideas via the public API using the friendly ID of idea collections instead of full GUIDs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Random sorting option would sometimes not work.
  • Loosened cycle detection restrictions in automations for improved stability.
  • Added a new Sendgrid integration that enables you to use your own SendGrid token and send emails from your own domain on your workspace.
  • Added a public API endpoint for extracting ideas for an idea collection via Excel.
  • Added a public API endpoint for listing charts for a view, an idea collection, or the entire workspace.
  • Shareable links to idea collections with edit rights now first show edit buttons and other sensitive information after the user fully signs up/in.
  • The invite dialog now closes automatically after submit.
  • General accessibility improvements
  • Improved formatting of long phase names in phase selectors.
  • Improved formatting of long workspace names in the sidebar.
  • Improved the styling of the search button in the sidebar
  • Fixed an issue when setting up conditions on Member fields on form entries inside conditional idea fields and automations
  • Fixed an issue where phases could not be reordered via drag and drop in their vertical representation.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip showing the absolute timestamp of an idea would interfere with the stats card for the idea owner.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the categories of an existing idea collection template wasn’t possible.
  • Fixed an issue where the NPS survey could display while another dropdown or tooltip was open.
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