April 2023

New Sidebar Design

New Sidebar Design
  • New design for the sidebar
  • New Idea Field: "User" which allows for selecting a user as part of the idea submission form.
  • SCORE idea fields can now be displayed with a color gradient
  • Added email- and alias filtering to custom filters for users.
  • Added "updated idea mission" trigger to automations
  • Added "delete idea" action to automations.
  • Updated design for the mission picker dialog
  • Updated idea link activities to be more compact
  • Fixed an issue with filtering where it would sometimes collapse ANDs into ORs.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Activities" tab in profile settings said "Assignments".
  • Mission template preview images are now refreshed when the mission changes
  • Labels in plot view no longer collapse their padding when it is scrollable
  • All insights are now accessible for all plans


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