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Profile Activity, Average Rating and Comment Count

Profile Activity, Average Rating and Comment Count

Profile Activity, Average Rating and Comment Count
  • Redesigned the help menu and added more useful information
  • Added support for custom id for SAML
  • When clicking the share mission text field, the suggestions now show up before entering anything
  • Fixed an issue where the empty message would sometimes be shown the first time the user went to the workspace
  • A default title is no longer suggested when turning a local idea template into a workspace idea template
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the help button on an input would trigger the action instead
  • Renamed grow phase to comment phase
  • Fixed an issue where creating a new workspace through the teams integration would sometimes not log in the user afterwards
  • Made it possible to change the cover image on the mission details page through inline editing
  • Fixed an issue where attachments added by the AI would show up wrong
  • Fixed an issue where the template stats would sometimes show a wrong number
  • It is now possible for new users to sign up without needed to be invited if they have a correct email address. This can be set up on the security page by a user with the owner rank.
  • Made it more clear what is being imported when importing CSV files with users
  • Fixed an issue where users in some rare cases would automatically be logged out after logging in
  • Added activity feed to the profile page
  • The name of the status is now shown on the change status activity
  • Fixed an issue where having many forms would make it hard to scroll when they overflowed the list
  • It is now possible to change the placeholder in local forms
  • When clicking manage workspace forms from the edit mission dialog the dialog now closes
  • Added alias to CSV import
  • Removed phase colors from the phase column in list view
  • Removed handwriting fonts from the appearance page
  • Removed URL from the login screen
  • Comment reply count has been added to idea exports
  • Added info button to covers on how to format them correctly
  • Added average rating to the columns list
  • Fixed a typo in our API documentation
  • Fixed various UX issues and smaller bugs
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