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Teams And Sections

Teams And Sections

Teams And Sections
  • It is now possible to customize the sections on the homepage without adding or removing teams.
  • Revamped onboarding flow in the Microsoft Teams integration
  • Completely new onboarding flow for creating new workspaces
  • You can now customize which phase ideas will move to when they are accepted from the Review phase
  • You can now configure embedded widgets to use the browser's preferred language.
  • We have removed Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Croatian, Polish as selectable languages from the platform.
  • Multi-line text fields are now taller
  • Needs action filters now correctly handle cases where an idea is only partially evaluated in a Rate phase
  • You can now see average ratings by individual rating criteria in List views
  • Fixed an issue where the list of activity types was empty inside custom filters for activities
  • Fixed an issue where using query params from automation triggers didn't work inside automations
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect dynamic binding suggestions were shown inside automations sometimes
  • Notifications are no longer sent for new likes or status changes on ideas when the idea owner no longer has access to the mission they are placed within
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