May 2023

Idea Generation with ChatGPT

Idea Generation with ChatGPT
  • Introducing ChatGPT-powered AI idea generation.
  • Updated the 'New' button to 'New Idea' for clarity.
  • Resolved an issue with filters not working for undefined idea field values.
  • Fixed a problem with custom translations and dynamic data bindings not displaying correctly in all notifications.
  • Enhanced tooltips with improved contrast: black background and white text.
  • Added the ability to use @-mentions for teams.
  • Rectified missing text in notifications for specific activities.
  • Fixed a problem with automations using "updated idea mission" triggers.
  • Addressed an issue with automations where referencing a user from a "Member" idea field didn't work in certain cases.
  • Resolved a problem where team owners lost permission to create missions in workspaces where the policy previously allowed it.
  • Fixed an issue where workspace descriptions didn't appear on the login page.
  • Moved 'Templates' to a dedicated page accessible via URL.


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