August 2022

Update via CSV and Bold Titles

Update via CSV and Bold Titles
  • When a new feature is available we now show a feature preview dialog
  • When a new update is available we now show a changelog indicator in the help launcher
  • It is now possible to update existing users through CSV import
  • It is now possible to load more results when sharing a mission
  • Fixed an issue where using a community mission template would show an empty dropdown when editing the mission
  • Fixed an issue where translation keys in some cases would be visible
  • Changed icons for attachment fields
  • The amount of forms has been added to the form summary on ideas
  • Auto focus has been added to various dialogs and form fields
  • Added a summary page after importing people with CSV
  • Changed the font weight of titles
  • Removed preview button from the template successfully published dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the API somethings would take longer to respond on requests without authorization
  • Added category selector to missions
  • Added idea status changed notifications
  • When a user is disabled the popover is now visible when hovering over the avatar
  • A better error message has been added when the user tries to sign up with an email that is not allowed
  • The delete button has been moved to the bottom of bulk actions and colored red
  • Added various language improvements
  • Fixed various UX issues and smaller bugs


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