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Idea Collections and Goals

Idea Collections and Goals

Idea Collections and Goals
  • Renamed missions to idea collections for a more intuitive onboarding.
  • Completely redesigned flow for creating idea collections.
  • Redesigned inline editing experience for idea collections.
  • Added the ability to associate Goals with idea collections and templates, customizable from workspace settings.
  • Improved workspace creation speed.
  • Introduced a Private badge on idea collection headers indicating unshared collections.
  • Implemented Title Casing on all buttons.
  • Improved aesthetics with better default cover images for idea collections.
  • Added an Add button to the mission filter toolbar on the homepage.
  • Revamped template preview design.
  • Added a new colorful gradient background to some loading skeletons.
  • Enhanced legibility with better contrast between font colors and background colors, for example on buttons.
  • Users can now adjust their preferences for date formatting.
  • Resolved an issue where new workspaces couldn't be claimed if their subdomains included non-ASCII characters only.
  • Fixed an error displaying incorrect text for template stats.
  • Addressed an issue where images in custom emails were served as .webp, which is unsupported in many email clients.
  • Corrected an issue preventing dynamic binding suggestions for idea fields from appearing.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for Unsplash cover images would sometimes fail.
  • Resolved a line height issue for multi-line text fields.
  • AI-generation related errors are now handled more gracefully.
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