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Autofill Ideas and better Status Dialog

Autofill Ideas and better Status Dialog

Autofill Ideas and better Status Dialog
  • It is now possible to autofill ideas using our AI
  • Onboarding is now more reliant when filling in data automatically
  • When closing a reply a warning dialog is shown before data is discarded
  • Custom domains are now sanitized for trailing whitespace and leading www
  • An empty state is now shown on the home page when there are no teams or spaces to show
  • The status selector has been redesigned to improve the experience
  • It is now possible to customise your alias
  • Profile settings has been updated with a validation check when changing email
  • It is now possible to add many of the same filters using the custom filter feature
  • Data synchronisation across clients (eg. multiple tabs and browsers) has been improved
  • The activity that notifies when another person has liked an idea is now added without delays
  • When moving an idea to another mission the idea count is now locally updated correctly
  • When listing taggable users the data is now ordered by alias and full name
  • It is now possible to paginate in taggable users
  • Moving ideas to another mission now makes sure comments are also moved
  • The same CTA text is now used in notification emails for more consistency
  • Customer address has been added on invoices
  • Session activities are now counted correctly
  • Uploading IDP metadata now works as intended
  • A new graph with total visits has been added
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