May 2023

Automation Updates and Arabic Language

Automation Updates and Arabic Language
  • Added 'Duplicate' option for Automations.
  • Extended the maximum delay for Automation triggers to 12 months.
  • Introduced Arabic (LTR) as a new language option.
  • Added toggle to anonymize IP-addresses collected for Audit Log
  • Private label now features a tooltip with a share button.
  • Adjusted heights on some dialogs for improved user interface.
  • Resolved several issues related to publishing and cloning templates.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicate options would appear in some dropdown menus.
  • Corrected an error causing duplicate rows in Excel exports for some sorting selections.
  • Rectified an issue where some UI labels would disappear.
  • Going forward, when an idea is moved to a Review phase, potential existing reviews for the idea in that phase are reset.
  • Fixed a server error caused by applying a filter on the goal of an idea collection.


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