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Reordering Views and Zapier Mentions

Reordering Views and Zapier Mentions

Reordering Views and Zapier Mentions
  • Added support for reordering mission views.
  • Added support for saving filters and sorting to views.
  • Email notifications are no longer sent to users who have not accepted their invitation yet.
  • Inviting users to a workspace now always correctly updates existing lists of users on the page.
  • Rating cards are now wider.
  • When creating a new rating criteria when editing a rating phase, the criteria is now added to the phase.
  • Change email provider to use a static IP. This makes emails more reliable and companies using email filtering only have to allow the domain
  • More trusted domains are now allowed when uploading videos.
  • Fixed issue where an email notification in some cases were sent to the user even though it had been viewed on the platform.
  • More data as for example the environment is now sent through the Google Analytics integration.
  • When having no logo on the workspace, the logo is shown as not defined in workspace settings.
  • Margins are now smaller in the feed.
  • Hovering teams now has correct width when there are many stats.
  • New Zapier Trigger: you can now use mentions as a trigger in Zapier.
  • Fixed issue where creating a comment with an attachment sometimes would make the comment count go up by 2 locally.
  • The comment count will now always show the correct number locally when deleting replies with replies.
  • Clicking the sharable link in share mission now copies the link to the clipboard.
  • Inviting people through CSV now correctly invites existing users to the specified teams.
  • Made the list of phases when editing a phase scrollable.
  • Fixed an issue where dropdowns sometimes would appear in the wrong direction.
  • Added help article on how to add custom CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
  • When inviting a guest to a team, the guest is now automatically converted to a normal member.
  • Team owners can now navigate to the members section of settings and add people to their team.
  • Fixed issue where links to receipts in some cases didn't work.
  • We have made improvements to performance, the UX and fixed bugs.
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