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Custom Translations, Dynamic Data Bindings, Dark Mode and More

Custom Translations, Dynamic Data Bindings, Dark Mode and More

Custom Translations, Dynamic Data Bindings, Dark Mode and More
  • Custom translations: You can now customize the language of Ideanote to better fit your organization's needs.
  • Dynamic data bindings: Ideanote now supports dynamic data bindings, allowing for even more customization and flexibility.
  • Dark mode and high contrast mode: You can now choose to view Ideanote in either dark or high contrast mode, depending on your preference.
  • Improved stability and performance: We've redesigned the internal architecture of Ideanote to improve stability and performance.
  • Sustainability option: You can now select sustainability as a mission purpose when creating an AI mission in Ideanote.
  • Redesigned account settings: We've updated the design of the account settings page to make it easier to use.
  • More missions on the home page: We've increased the number of missions displayed on the home page to give you more options.
  • Export activities from ideas: You can now export activities from your ideas list to share with others.
  • Increased status description length: The maximum length of status descriptions has been increased to allow for more detailed updates.
  • Improved performance in magazine view: We've reduced the number of ideas initially loaded in the magazine view to improve performance.
  • Simplified onboarding experience: We've reduced the number of fonts available during onboarding to make the experience more streamlined.
  • Improved layout for invited users: The layout for displaying users invited via CSV file has been improved for better readability.
  • "Shift + Enter" submission for comments: You can now submit comments by pressing "shift" + "enter" for a more seamless experience.
  • Timer-based launch option for widget: The widget now includes a timer-based launch option.
  • Wide widget embeds: You can now create wide widget embeds for a more customized experience.
  • Email column in idea exports: The idea export now includes a column for emails that have skipped rating.
  • Improved layout for location graph: When there is not enough data to display the location graph, the layout has been updated for a better experience.
  • Fixes: We've addressed several issues, including an issue with the "less than or equal" custom filter operator, an issue with the Microsoft login, and an issue with avatar spacing in the activity feed.
  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes: As always, we've made various performance improvements and addressed minor bugs to improve your experience with Ideanote.

Thank you for using Ideanote and we hope you have a great holiday season. We look forward to bringing you even more exciting updates in 2023 – stay tuned!

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