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Planning for Success: 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Planning for Success: 5 Quick and Easy Steps

This article provides five quick and easy steps to plan for success using Ideanote. The steps include identifying someone to act on ideas, finding early adopters to get things rolling, interacting with ideas and showing appreciation, introducing regular missions to keep things fresh, and sharing collaborative successes as a team. These steps aim to create a structured and collaborative environment for innovation.

Planning for Success: 5 Quick and Easy Steps

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so be sure to set the stage for success with these five easy yet impactfull steps for using Ideanote like a Pro – Or as we like to call them, Ideanote hacks

Why leave anything to chance when you have all the resources you will ever need to become successful with Ideanote right here? That’s right. I got you, bro.

1. Find your action men or women

Key action: Identity at least one person to act on ideas before you start collecting

Ask yourself who’s available to act on the ideas once they start flowing in.  Ideanote gives you the structure you need to collect, develop and act, but only you know which of your people are right for the role to carry the ideas into the world.

2. Find your early adopters

Key action: Find two or more people to help you get things rolling by being active on your Space early on

If I could recommend just one powerful Ideanote hack, this would be it. And all you have to do is ask a handful of people to get on your Space early and help get the ball rolling. Maybe a few good colleagues? Have them add ideas, while also interacting with the ideas of others once they start flowing in. This creates a sense of social familiarity and goes a long way in getting everyone off to a good start.

3. Interact, interact, interact.

Key action: Be sure to interact with the ideas you collect, i.e. liking, commenting etc.

Just like your early adopters in previous tip, you as the Space owner also need to interact with people and their ideas. In the end, it’s interaction and collaboration that sparks the creativity that drives real innovation. Also, showing appreciation for people sharing their thoughts, goes a long way in getting them to come back. Now that’s an Ideanote hack

4.Keep it fresh.

Key action: Introduce missions regularly by creating new ones or inviting others to do so

You’ll want to keep things intersting, so challenge your people by creating new missions regularly. Something new once a week is a good place to start. You can also invite others to create missions that meets their specific innovation needs. The more, the merrier!

5. Sharing is caring.

Key action: Share your collaborative successes as a team as often as you can

Once you’ve collected, developed and acted on your first idea, it’s a good move to share the success far and wide. Tell the story of a succesful idea in an email or at a meeting. This shows people that you’re listening to them, willing to act on their ideas, and that you appreciate their input.

Now get out there and flaunt your success. I’ll be cheering for you all the way!

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