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Whether you're aiming for simplicity or need a detailed form, in Ideanote every Idea Collection can have a different Form to collect ideas.

Forms provide context, guidance and ensures higher quality of submissions from your audience.

Build a Form

Build your own Form with custom fields like drop-downs, sliders, attachment fields and more.

A Local Form is a Form created at the Idea Collection level, available at this location only.

A Workspace Form is a Form created at the Workspace level via Settings-> Forms and is available for selection across Idea Collections.

Create a Custom Submission Form for Your Idea Collection

Create a Form:

  1. Go to the Idea Collection
  2. Click on the “Edit”button located on the upper right level
  3. Go to the Ideas menu
  4. Click on the Add Idea Field Option
  5. Select field option for your need
  6. Add appropriate information then click Okay if finished
  7. Or click on the "Add Idea Field" to add an additional field.

Customize the Idea Submission Form for Your Campaign

Note: Once saved, Local Form will apply for the specific Idea Collection only.

Ideanote recommends keeping the Form simple and as manageable for the audience. However you can add as many fields in a Form to fit your campaign.

Local Form vs. Workspace Form

Local Forms are forms created at the Idea Collection level.

They only apply to the Idea Collection they have been created within.

Local Forms are stored at the Idea Collection level

Workspace Forms are forms created at the Workspace level.

Multiple Forms can be created at the Workspace level. workspace Forms are  available for selection across Idea Collections.

Workspace Forms are Accessible via Settings -> Forms sub-menu

Set up Conditional Fields

When creating an Idea Form, you can decide when a specific field should appear by using and defining conditions to be met for the field to be made available or display.

Select and Define Conditions for a Custom Field

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