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Advanced Settings


With just a few days left to submit brilliant ideas, take charge of your success and create a sense of urgency by scheduling a deadline for your Idea Collections.

Idea Collection Deadline

  1. Go to the Idea Collection
  2. Click on the “Edit”button located on the upper right level
  3. Go to the Advanced menu
  4. Click on the Deadline field box
  5. Select 7 days, 14 days option or choose your own date & time


  • The time is set based on the timezone of the user that sets it.
  • When the deadline is reached, the associated Idea Collection will be slightly greyed out in the Idea Collections landing page.

Anonymous Ideas

2 options are available to Admin and Workspace Owner to choose from:

Partly Anonymous

Idea Author's identity is only visible to Admin, Workspace and Section Owner and Editors e.g., Users who are able to edit the Idea Collections.

Other users see an illustration of a face with a question mark and the explanation in a hovering tooltip shown as"Identity is visible to editors".

Fully Anonymous

No one - including Admin, Section and Workspace Owner - can see the Idea Author's identity.

All users see an illustration of a ghost and the explanation "Identity is hidden".

Idea Submitted Anonymously

Collect Anonymous Ideas

Select to enable at the Workspace or Idea Collection level

  1. Go to the Idea Collection
  2. Click the Edit button in the top right corner
  3. Go to Advanced option
  4. Toggle on Anonymity
  5. Select how to allow Anonymity
  1. Select if you want to enforce or allow anonymity
  2. Select if you want full or partial anonymity
  3. Any changes is automatically saved

Submit an Anonymous Idea

Choose Visibility for Your Idea

  1. Click on the “Add”button located on the upper right level.
  2. Complete the Idea form
  3. Click on Submit As option
  4. Select your name or Anonymous in the drop down
  5. Click the Submit button

Move Ideas

Anyone with editing rights to an Idea Collection can move ideas (Full Access or Admin/Workspace Owner Rank or Section Owner of the Section that the Idea Collection is in.

Between Idea Collections

  1. Click the More option ("⋮") on the idea you want to move
  2. Click Move idea
  3. Select the Idea Collection to idea should move to
  4. Confirm your selection


You can also move many ideas at once by using a List View, selecting ideas and using bulk actions.

Some features are included in Ideanote Enterprise Plan only.

Between Phases

You can move ideas forward across Phases as they mature.

From the Cards View
Move Ideas between Phases in a Few Clicks
  1. Click the More option ("⋮") on the idea you want to move
  2. Click Change Phase
  3. Select the Phase to idea should move to

From the Columns View
Drag & Drop the Idea into a New Phase

Move Ideas in Bulk

You can move ideas in Bulk using the Bulk action tool within Ideanote.

From the List View: Filter, Select and Act

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