Basic Settings

Every idea collection has users that can edit it - Users with "Full Access".

Users that create an Idea Collection have access but can also grant access to others to Edit an Idea Collection.

Any user with an Admin or Workspace Owner Rank invited to an Idea Collection has Full Access.

Full Access let's you edit all Idea Collection Settings and Ideas inside of them.

Edit the Cover Image. Adjust the Text.


Admin and Owner of the Workspace can customize Idea forms associated with every Idea Collection.

Admin and Owner decide who can add ideas, view & comment on ideas or get assigned tasks on ideas at any stage of the journey.

Edit the Cover Image

Tell a story by uploading custom cover images for your Idea Collections or choose from a library of free images right within Ideanote.

Edit the Question & Description

Add a description to give your audience information, inspiration and context to the challenge before they submit their ideas.


Attach files or videos to give your audience additional context before they submit their ideas.

Attachment File Size (Recommendation): Keep video file sizes under 25 MB for optimal loading speed.

Across the Workspace, you can upload a maximum of:

  • 500MB on the Free Plan
  • 500GB on the Business Plan
  • 5TB on the Enterprise Plan

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